Matilda Betham's Miniature Portraits: Artistic, Poetic, Biographical
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In 1809, Matilda Betham painted miniature portraits of Sara Fricker Coleridge ("Romantic but hardly romantic: Sarah Fricker's life ...") and her daughter Sara Coleridge [PDF] (~30 years later, author of the fantasy novel Phantasmion--"Its supernatural beings have no English originals ... Feydeleen the Flower Spirit ... Oloola the Spirit of the Storm," etc.--which has one copy annotated autobiographically). Betham was a Romantic poet whose Poems / Vignettes addressed Ann Radcliffe, the Ladies of Llangollen ("... who were famous for wanting to be left alone"), M.I., Belinda, and others. Betham also wrote an enormous collective biography [plain HTML] of celebrated women--an alternative to the work by Mary Hays mentioned in her preface and published in the same year as a work in French by Fortunée Briquet (see also Collective Biographies of Women).
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