Topato would never ask his lesbian fans not to kiss.
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Topato would never ask his lesbian fans not to kiss. And thanks to his becoming real through the magic of Jenny's Sculpey, we can actually ask him. Any MeFi kids ever play with Sculpey or were you strictly Play Dough toddlers?
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i have a bag of sculpey in my drawer (thanks to sony @ siggraph, anyone else?) i like the stuff. I'm no sculptor, though.
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Geez! You mean I could've made my OWN playdough? DAMN! And I thought my mom knew everything.
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i've been reading this off and on, and it's some really entertaining stuff, though the text sometimes strains my eyes. this one was always my favorite.

i thought i'd give some more online comic suggestions.. sure, there's the staple penny arcade and pvp (and of course diesel sweeties).... but shaw island, nothing nice, small stories, and 8 bit are also good reads as well. if you're into more serious stuff, nowhere girl is also great...
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You know, I kept thinking Topato looked familiar - like I'd seen him somewhere before, but couldn't remember where. Then I realized I had.
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My current fave online comic? Achewood. SO GOOD. You really do need to start at the beginning of the archives if you've never read it before, but trust me, it is worth it.
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Homemade playdough is the best!!

(waxing nostalgic)
A childhood friend and I ate playdough whenever the chance arose. It tastes terrible, but the novelty of the idea alone seemed to override any objections from the taste bud department. Eventually we ate through enough kits of playdough that a summit of the Moms was called to discuss our actions. They decided to supply us only with homemade playdough. The cost of brand-name, possibly toxic forbidden treats was eating up their disposable incomes with a voracity unmatched even by brandy. The result- happiness across the board. They saved money. It tasted much better while still seeming taboo.
(/waxing nostalgic);

Never tried sculptey.
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36 is pretty good too :P
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Other good webcomics robot stories, cat and girl, and Bob the Angry Flower... Not to mention all the ones previously mentioned, and the ones I accidentally forgot.
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Any MeFi kids ever play with Sculpey...

I am playing with it now. Though it should be noted that Sculpey is a polymer clay made of PVC and plasticizer - not exactly edible.
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Any MeFi kids ever play with Sculpey...

Gah! The memories!!!! Used to have a business making jewelry back in the day with Sculpey and Fimo...

I might even have some hidden in a work box still...
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That series of comics is one of the best I've seen online. Excellent.
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This Cat & Girl comic has a very satisfactory ending.
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