The Slo Mo Guys
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Let me introduce you to the YouTube channel of The Slo Mo Guys [12m]. They just posted a video today, of a Newton's Cradle vs. different projectiles, filmed close to 100K frames per second. They have a lot of other videos, including this look at pinball machines [13m]. There is filler at the beginning of each video to skip if you want to get right into the slo mo action.
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Hrm. Okay, the [12m] should be after the first video link, while that first link is just a catalog of videos with no time involved. Sorry!
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Slo Mo Guys previously and previously-er.
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I want a Phantom TMX 7510.
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I do love these. And they always seem to be having such fun.
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I still use their Gravity Defying Cat video from 2011 to calm myself down at work.
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What's so cool to me is a highly popular and incredibly successful/lucrative YouTube channel was started so Gavin could get a visa to keep working in the US on Red vs. Blue.
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I want to party with those guys. I just think they are so cool.
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It's interesting how they've gone directly from nephews to uncles.
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Why doesn't "avuncular" have a reciprocal adjective for nephews?
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Loved the pinball vid. All the pinball I've ever played and never knew many of those things were going on.
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You should not skip the filler at the beginning because these guys are such lovable doofuses.
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I really enjoyed the one where they took a katana to plastic water bottles - fun watching them figure out how to best do it, interesting images and results, and the need to clean the siding of the house afterwards.
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"Why doesn't "avuncular" have a reciprocal adjective for nephews?"

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