Chumbawamba - Live at 924 Gilman, Berkeley, CA,1990
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The Chumbawamba between-years. Anarcho-pop-punk-cabaret’s finest at their peak, recorded live at the infamous DIY venue, 924 Gilman Street, in Berkeley, California. Filmed and generously shared by 3.Cameras.and.a.Microphone
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Gosh, this rougher Diggers Song works so much better than the album one.
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I love (that might not be the right word) 'The Day the Nazi Died'
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More on 924 Gilman from ca. 1990 in the documentary Turn It Around - The Story of East Bay Punk.

If five years earlier, two miles south along San Pablo Ave, and additional Kirk Hammett is more your scene, Murder In The Front Row might be worth a watch.
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Love this; thanks for posting! I have fond memories of seeing them play live in Tokyo in the late '90s.
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Chumbawamba have been discussed plenty on the blue, but I will never fail to be stunned at the totally wild trajectory of their career. Great band, great venue, great find!
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I needed this today. Thank you. I need more anarcho cabaret it my life!
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Can someone help me figure out something that's been stuck in my head for ages? Is there a Chumbawumba song in which Alice Nutter cheerfully sings the lyrics "We're going to come for your children, we're going to kidnap your children, we're going to brainwash your children, and sell them to the devil"?
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I can never not love Tubthumbing because I was a trumpet player in England starting in 1986. England has a national curriculum if you'd like to be qualified for various roles or schools in your music education. The Associated Board of Royal Music Schools is now the ABRSM.

I was part of a Community Music School and did some exams. I stubbornly refused to expand my theory education beyond grade five so I could never move beyond grade five in practice levels.

The trumpet solo they sample is from Trumpet Voluntary - this version is played by Maurice Andre. If you listen closely you'll hear it a lot. I played it at my Grade 5 performance exam.
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