Big Time Context Shift Shock Going On Here
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A new trailer, for a film distributed by A24 no less, featuring Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. (Marcel previously)
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Thank you for the smile this morning.
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My local movie theater used to show the original Marcel web shorts before doing the normal trailers and such, and I always found them so charming. I'm excited to see how Slate and Fleischer-Camp manage to make this work in a feature-length context. Apparently they made the film in secret over the course of five years.
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Shoot, that’s darling as heck. The voice reminds me of Phyllis. Is it Phyllis?
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More like this!
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I'm pretty sure it's April 1st exactly nowhere in the world right now, and here we are

oh to be in a room where A24 decides which properties to promote.. I'm guessing copious amounts of absinthe are consumed in that room?
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but the space in my heart gets bigger and louder
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Fleischer-Camp's previous film, Fraud, is criminally underseen. I saw it at the 2016 Sarasota Film Festival and it blew my socks off. It was my favorite film at that festival. It's hard to describe without spoiling the experience, but let me say: I watch a lot of documentaries, and I make them too, but I've never seen a documentary anything like that one.
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but the space in my heart gets bigger and louder

. . . and in its corners lurks a nameless, creeping horror, just out of sight. Because, you know, A24.
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Yes, of course Isabella Rossellini. Why not?
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Goddamit! You are going to make me weep for Marcel again?! OK, click! Watching... OK, paper towels were used. Marcel the Shell is terrific.
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How had I never heard of this until now? Well, my socks are charmed off, that's for sure. I can't wait to catch up with the rest of the world and then see this!
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Haha I could barely make it through the original shorts, but this is one of those things that I can enjoy the existence of for it's own sake, just appreciating the chain of art creation.
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Is Marissa in the movie?
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Putting that Phil Collins song there is so, so right.
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it is actually Jenny Slate, the don't-be-suspicious, don't-be-suspicious woman on Parks & Rec.

Also known for her they-say-they-didn't-fire-her-for-dropping-the-F-bomb-but-they-totally-did stint on SNL...

Yet another proof that SNL can be very skillful at wasting talent.
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