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Waxy.org, the slightly younger blog compatriat of actual elder websites like MetaFilter, turned 20 years old yesterday. Run by MetaFilter's own waxpancake aka Andy (absolutely no relation) Baio, Waxy has been a font of interesting links for longer than most of the people on TikTok have been alive, and remains a valuable and likable roundup of web and internet weirdness to this very day. (Hi, Andy.)
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I first met Andy back in the glory days of the early blogosphere. I noticed this guy kept writing about the same things I thought were interesting and wrote him an email saying "who are you we should know each other". Social media back when you had to work for it.

I'll shout out a specific part of Andy's blog that I love, his link collection. It's one of the oldest continuing linkblogs, a venerable and now mostly lost form of blogging related to social bookmarking or tweeting links. It's a consistently interesting collection of things to read.

Andy also runs belong.io which is a little link a linkblog, or more like a "top links for the day" site. Again full of interesting stuff thanks to the collection of sources that Andy draws from.
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Okay, well, gee, I don't think I've read ANY of these and so far I think I want to read pretty much all of them.

This is a fantastic collection of interesting thoughts, and I am really looking forward to actually reading them.

(Say, cortex, do you have, like, a Tardis or time machine handy so I can find myself the TIME to read all of these?)

I kind of mildly disagree with him that blogs are dead, but that's because I am an idiosyncratic person reading the internet in an idiosyncratic way - I mostly read blogs. I just revisited Wil Wheaton's blog today after learning about his new book, which I found out about on John Scalzi's blog.

And now I have another new (to me) blog to read.

Thanks so much for posting this, cortex! I have been vaguely aware of Andy, but I'm really looking forward to reading his blog and learning about his many fascinating projects.
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Who is this cat and how did he get stuck in his website?
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I read this, sent a friend the Suck.com interviews, and attempted to download the Suck.com archives. (No luck yet.)
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I check his site daily. I found MetaFilter through his site. Thanks, Andy. Thandy.
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I should say that I have in this post declined to mention the huge, huge impact that Andy (and Andy McMillan) have had on my life by running the currently-on-necessary-hiatus XOXO Fest in relatively recent years. The pandemic has put a big obstacle in the way of that, which is both heartbreaking and utterly understandable, but it's been the closest thing to a physical reification of the spirit of MetaFilter I've ever experienced and I'm endlessly glad for it.

(Say, cortex, do you have, like, a Tardis or time machine handy so I can find myself the TIME to read all of these?)

There is no shortcut here other than pure cussedness and a willingness to carve out erstwhile doomscrolling time.
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Andy is an internet treasure. Here's to another 20 years! xo
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Aw, thank you all so much.
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