This is That Ice Cold, Marlene Dietrich, That White Gold ...
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Fwiw, as far as my wife and I are concerned the version with classic movie stars is the canonical official Uptown Funk video
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These are always so much fun to watch. Thanks for posting!
posted by bookmammal at 4:32 PM on April 20

If you're not a fan of Uptown Funk, here are some other dance montages:
Shut Up and Dance with Me
Disco Inferno
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The first clip always brings a smile of joy to my face. Thanks!
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff at 7:07 PM on April 20

This type of post should always include the Nicholas Brothers.
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There was once a montage of black-and-white SF clips to Minaj’s Starships, which I found extremely satisfactory in this vein, but I can’t find it now.
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(I was definitely just coming into the thread to post the Nicholas Brother's 'Stormy Weather' sequence in full, but see that dances_with_sneeches has (somewhat eponysterically) beaten me to it. Carry on.)
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It's amazing-- I see more details on repeated viewing-- similar kinds of scenes groups together.

Also, I wasn't expecting video editing to be one of the artforms of the era.
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I've thought since the first digital editing and 3D animation systems that at some point a full on hollywood blockbuster would be released. Only to be revealed that instead of a massive studio it's a couple gals in a basement with a green screen wall that were friends with some famous/recognizable actors.

These are really clever and great fun. Following my first comment, the "AI"is morphing and face changing tools will also be able to take clips are re-use them. Ha as an exercise for a digital artist, take the famous Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling and replace him with a virtual Gene Kelly. Now that would mess with folks heads. The world is what the artists make it.
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Came in to post Km Music's Awesome Dance Mix but MollyRealized got there first.
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clew, here is the story behind the "Starships" vid you're thinking of!

For the 2012 "Vividcon" vidder convention, a vidder called bironic made this excellent vid to "Starships", using science-fiction/space footage:

It was beloved, and became a fixture of the convention's dance party.

Then for the next year's Vividcon, vidder Jetpack Monkey made this "remix" version, using black-and-white science fiction sources:

It has served as a great complement/compliment to bironic's ever since. Especially as, if you compare closely, Jetpack Monkey made a great effort to have this vid's shots speak to the specific shots in bironic's vid.

Anyway, it was big fun, and the vids make for a great rewatch.

Here I will highly recommend a recent piece of scholarship about the history and evolution of this particular type of vidding: Vidding: a History, by Franscesca Coppa. There's a free, online, open-access copy linked from there, which is terrific because it includes links to all the vids being discussed and contextualized.
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Loved watching all these (in original post and the comments). I was a big fan of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies when I was a teenager, and it was nice to relive the joy of watching great dancing. Just what I needed today!
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I love all of this but remain somewhat perplexed that I've still yet to come across a 24/7 channel anywhere of nonstop people dancing beautifully, randomly to great beats and grooves.
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MetaFilter: instead of a massive studio it's a couple gals in a basement
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I've always liked this one. Burt Reynolds fits in so well.
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It's a bit less about the dancing, but I never get tired of Cookie Monster singing Tom Waits.
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A mashup for "I'm So Excited".
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Looks like I've got the algorithm trained to give me dance mashups. I am content.

Dancing on the Ceiling. Good variety of dancing.
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I saw the Old Movie Stars vid before Uptown Funk's official video, and when I finally saw the latter I was ... disappoint. Very disappoint. I'm with bl1nk: the Old Movie Stars version is official.

(Is this like not admitting Star Wars episodes I-III exist?)
posted by Quasirandom at 12:51 PM on April 25

One more montage, terpsichorally dedicated to Springfield Massachusetts' tap-dancing-est daughter, Eleanor Powell: Come Hit Me Up
posted by bartleby at 6:40 PM on April 27

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