Fire Island Soundtrack
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A couple moved into a house on Fire Island and found 20 years worth of cassettes, documenting DJ sets and party soundtracks from 1979-1999. Over 200 tapes are being digitized and uploaded to MixCloud.
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Cassette archives, queer archaeology, and DJ culture are three of my favorite things, and this totally spun my head around when it first appeared. I downloaded the hell out of the whole series. I'm still following them on Mixcloud, so I get the updates in my feed as they plow through more. What a thing.
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Even with JavaScript disabled this article captured my attention and told a wonderful story. A great link, thanks, hwyengr!
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Now we know what Fountains of Wayne’s parents and friends parents were doing on Fire Island
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Love it! One of the nicer trends in life has been the redemption of disco in the cultural mind. (Well, some of the cultural mind, anyway.) Need to make time to listen to a few of these.
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This is so great! Thanks for sharing. I love this so much in so many ways.
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I like this set by Teri Beaudoin - Midnight - October 1989

I keep forgetting to go back and dig through the new uploads. It's great to get a fleshed out version of the story.
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How exactly does one go about downloading from Mixcloud?
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With difficulty. You’ll need YouTube-dl or some friendly browser equivalent.
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right click Hot Night December 1979 'copy link' paste in
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This was such a good read.
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Archive link for the article

Beautiful story, thank you.
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Are these going on to an collection as well as MixCloud?
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The article really struck a chord in my heart. It was beautifully written; and edited in such a way that I could remember being there; even though I wasn't.

I now have a lump in my throught and tears welling up at 5:30 in the morning....thinking about the joy and devastation of the past. We are so fortunate to have this story preserved and brought to a larger audience.

I will give a listen to the music after work tonight... when I have adequate time.

Thank you hwyengr, for sharing and thanks to signsofrain for the archive link.
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This is amazing. Thank you for posting!
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Holy hell, I can't imagine a find more personally tailored to my weird musical interests. Beautiful and moving in its context, and makes me think about what a world without the aids crisis would have looked like musically, a world where people like Patrick Cowley, Sylvester, Arthur Russel and others kept growing and developing as artists.

On the topic of disco being rehabilitated in the public eye I think a lot of it has to do with growing awareness of actual good dance club disco from the era vs the general public imaginary of what disco was. I mean if your baseline is disco inferno, disco duck and the beegees, you're missing out on all the amazing dance tracks that actually make you want to move your feet.
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This documentary traces how disco became house music became the music that everyone in the world is listening to on some level. Any rehab of disco now is happening because people are realizing this is what they always liked.
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I am listening to a mix from 1978. It's loaded with amazing music I've never heard before. I am amazed at the sound quality and delighted to be able to hear this.
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I created a mixcloud account just to listen to these and have been dancing around the house all morning. Some of it's a bit heavy on the sad nostalgia for me -- other times, other clubs -- but I'm grateful to be able to listen to it.
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Oh, robbyrobs, you're a gem. I just noticed your links! Thanks so much!
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Searching around the web with this collection brought me to this gem of a website:
San Francisco Disco Preservation Society
that also has a trove of digitized DJ sets and mixtapes to dig through.
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