“We have exhausted the available haiku about bird droppings”
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In an essay translated by Ikuho Amano and James Shea and published in Poetry Magazine, 19th c. (Meiji period) poet Masaoko Shiki ponders the ways in which the authors of haiku refer very directly to excrement: “Haiku on Shit”
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Brown Speckled Haiku

My donation fell
And the doves picked at seeds, cooed
Then flew to the trees.
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On the Road

A sudden white swoosh
Knee jerk wipers on sans wash
Reality smeared
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Winter by Chen Chen is the best poem I know about shit.
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Is this the opening salvo (so to speak) of Poop Month 2022?
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It can be if you want it to be! Make MetaFilter the place you imagine!
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This Morning

Sleep is broken
Box cannot contain the smell
Nearby, cat is proud
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Bird cage needs cleaning
Bird knows this and has a plan
He shits through the bars
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"Nothing should ever be done that should be done. It has to come out like a good hot beer shit. A good hot beer shit is glorious, man. You get up, turn around, look at it, you're proud. The fumes, the stink of the turds, you look at them, you say, 'God, I did it. I’m good.' Then you flush it away and there is a sense of sadness when just the water is there.

Its like writing a good poem, you just do it. You -- its a beer shit. There’s nothing to analyze, nothing to say it’s just done.

Got it?" - Charles Bukowski
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I don't have the original anywhere (could be long gone), but back in high school - late 1991 - our English teacher encouraged all of us to enter a haiku contest sponsored by a small arts council in the state as part of our unit on the format. My entry:

A bird flies above.
Nature calls. It spots a bald
head. Plop. Splat. Bullseye.

This is objectively terrible and obviously the product of a wiseass shithead kid who didn't care about the assignment... so naturally, I ended up taking 3rd prize and won $10. I still have the prize check.
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MetaFilter is
All up in my shit about
Precision bird poo

Meanwhile, the finches
On the fencepost next to me
Are fucking again

The fencepost is white
With something I choose to call
Springtime is leaking
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Spring mist peacocks run
tranquil sawgrass wet feather
Center of the bowl.
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The smug little cat
That I saved from the shelter
Has shit in my shoes.

Mount Fuji rises.
I should not order tacos.
Oh, God. My nose burns!
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White cockatoos, perched in a clump,
Tend to defecate hard, with a thump.
So if your car's parked
It's now fully marked
By a flock of birds taking a dump
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Australia? Eh mate?
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Love for my bird means
He sits on my shoulder and
Shits on my new shirt.
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Excrement excites
Metafilter again - not
just February
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