a piece of sports equipment, not lingerie
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Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller, and Polly Smith are among this year's inductees for the US National Inventors Hall of Fame because they created the first sports bra. Jogbra started in 1977 -- five years after Congress passed Title IX. This BBC article details the story and includes cool photos of old advertisements.
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I will love them forever for inventing sports bras and also for this which has to be a Romy and Michele reference, doesn't it?

"When we saw the list with all the other inventors we thought, 'We'll just tell them we invented Post-its.' We just didn't feel as serious," Smith said.
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But speaking to store owners and managers - mostly male - "we would be laughed out," Lindahl said. "Almost every time they'd say 'we don't sell bras in our store.'

Is it humanly possible to not immediately, scornfully reject a new thing simply on the basis that it's new? Do people hear themselves?
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Yet, despite their current bra'd appeal......
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I played high school soccer from 1978-1982, on the first girls' soccer team my high school had, and I have vivid memories of girls layering bras over bras, because there was no such thing as an exercise bra then. You had special bras you used for sports because they got sweaty and gross.

I don't think I bought an actual sports bra until I was out of college, though. Things are better now, in some ways.
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The wider 'athleisure' market is $25bn and also booming.

Some perspective though - I barely leave my house and I just bought four pairs of yoga pants and I'm definitely not in the market for a bra.
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Sports bra! Sports bra! Lifts and separates
Sports bra! Sports bra! Baby don't jiggle around
Wear it all over town
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