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For your late night chill-out phantasmagoria needs, may I offer some sick tunes & some sick toons?: DWIG — Orange Evening; Daniel Norgren — Howling Around My Happy Home (Margee Rework); Dead Pirates — UGO (warning: dumb toon boobery at the end); Mcbaise — Water Slide (feat. Kamggarn).

The animation for the DWIG video is from Disney's "Flowers and Trees," which won the first Oscar for a cartoon in 1932. The best YouTube comment on that vid: "This song makes me want to sit on my tv and watch my couch." The sample on there (drying in the colour of the evening sun) is from Sting's "Fragile," but obviously covered by someone. There are too many possibilities to investigate!

(Also, just fyi, DWIG is short for "Die Wiese Im Garten": The Meadow in the Garden)
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Don't forget Mcbaise's She's a big Boy for more of the same animation vibe.

I really like this animation style, but the casual cartoon misogyny is a real bummer.
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Big fan of Mcbess/Mcbaise/Dead Pirates music and art — with the exception of the unnecessary objectification of women’s bodies. I always have to make a similar caveat when I forward his (otherwise excellent) videos for “UGO,” “She’s a Big Boy,” etc. :/
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