Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast: Room for All
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"Once upon a time, the world was cruel, and there was a witch who knew it well. And so, she sold her heart away and built a house in the woods where the world could never find her. At first she would let no one into her fortress. But in the long march of days, a strange thing happened: in her own cold and spiteful way, the witch made a friend... and then another... and then several more, until her house was teeming with colorful faces and complicated lives. The house would come to be known as Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, and it would last for a very long time."

"Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast" is a forthcoming table top RPG from Possum Creek Games, publishers of last year's acclaimed Wanderhome. Although the game won't be out for some time, the playkit linked above the fold contains all the rules needed to play the half-dozen scenarios included. In a mammoth Twitter thread of Twitter threads Possum Creek founder Jay Dragon goes into detail about what makes the game unique, with lots of awesome art on display as well. There's also a four episode podcast of some rpg luminaries playing in a game run by Party of One's Jeff Stormer. Jay Dragon spoke with Patrick Rothfuss about Yazeba's, and his philosophy of rpg's.
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I want to go to there. I wish I knew anyone who would try this with me. I only got to get into a d&d group once via the local McElroy fans & I didn't really vibe with it or the people involved. Sigh.
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40+ guests, from a biblical angel to a fluffy white cat
'Do not be afraid'
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yes, please!
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The characters are easily my favorite aspect of the game...sometimes you're not even playing an individual, as in the case of The Rabbits in the Garden Who Wear Little Outfits.

bleep, one of the goals they hit during their hugely successful crowdfunding campaign was a deal to have an online play option developed. I'd love to get a game going when the full thing comes out. If there are any mefites who have an interest, message me!
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