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Bezos III (Gregorian Chant) / Living in the Future / Is it gonna end? YES When? NEVER / I Just Want to Feel Good / JEANS™ / Maybe I'll Feel Better / Five years / Trying to be funny / UV teeth / [What have we done to our children?] / The best-case scenario is Joe Biden / S P I D E R 🕷️ / "It's very upsetting that The Future is in front of Now." / This Isn't a Joke / [Never go outside again] / How to make a peanut butter sandwich / "Our doing isn't done and our done-ing isn't did." / "The unspeakable fear of never hitting the wall." / I'm sticking with ✨Jeffrey✨ / "MY PHONE MAKES ME SAD, AWWW." / All Eyes on Me (Early Demo) / "It's only a problem if you go outside." / "The thing that I'm writing about *is* an ending." / Goodbye (alternate ending) / The Chicken / A sneak peek at the ICU / I don't know what's happening / >> One year after the original virtuosic special premiered on Netflix, Bo Burnham returns with THE INSIDE OUTTAKES, a kaleidoscopic, stream-of-consciousness retrospective consisting of over an hour of new songs, new vignettes, fake ads, behind the scenes clips, musical outtakes, confessional pieces, perfectionist tableaus and so much more (including something from yours truly). posted by Rhaomi (17 comments total) 27 users marked this as a favorite
I'm waaay too exhausted from devouring the outtakes and then writing this up right when I thought I was going to bed (not that I'm complaining!), but tomorrow I'll update with the end result of the Project I teased (and teased) in the original posts... and then procrastinated on finishing for the better part of a year. I promise it's worth it!
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Bezos III

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Damn that's good.
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I like several of the new songs here and if nothing else this is more evidence of just how much time, effort, and takes, he put into that special. One thing that continues to stand out to me is just how completely devoid of hope inside and its outtakes are. Burnham does a masterful job of enumerating and expressing so many of today's despairs and does not spend any time trying to show us a way out. I think that's honest, focused, and really sets this show apart.

That said, one thing I loved about Beautiful World Where Are You? is that while it also does a superb job illustrating today's despairs, Rooney offers a small vision of how we might cope with them.
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Goodbye (alternate ending)... man that's dark.
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Rhaomi, I'm really confused why this post links to all sorts of different clips channels who are getting views by simply clipping and reposting (stealing) Burnham's work, rather than linking to the timestamps in the actual video which is right there on Youtube?

Its very easy just to link to specific parts of the video with the timestamp (this is the Joe Biden song, for example)

I'd like to respectfully suggest that you rework this post so that all the clips above link back to Burnham's channel instead of to all of the clips channels.
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Hi anastasiav -- I wanted to link to isolated clips, but since the original is a single hour-long upload I didn't want to just point to a timestamp and then have it continue playing the rest of the video. There's a way to do that with URL tokens iirc but it was a long day and my brain was turning to mush, and there were so many fan videos going up that I was grateful for the help identifying specific clips to share. He's generally pretty lenient with people sharing and remixing his videos from what I've seen.


That project I've been working on since last year's original post is finally complete (well, it was finally complete in December but I've only just now gotten around to writing it up):

INSIDE: The Photobook

The Projects post goes into more detail, but I basically converted the whole special into a 300-page coffee table-style photo book using a self-publishing service, as a thank-you gift for my brother who convinced me to watch it when I probably would have missed it otherwise -- it ended up being one of the most compelling things I've ever seen, and I tried to make this project reflect that. There's only one physical book, but I included plenty of pictures along with a PDF download if you want to read it yourself (two-page spread recommended!). The original video is so visually creative and striking that it works equally well on the page, and there was lots of room for interesting creative interpretations of stuff like the nested reaction videos or the hypermania of Welcome to the Internet that I had a lot of fun with. Hope you enjoy!
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I'm a little shocked he sat on "The Chicken" for over a year.
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PSA: obloquy let me know that the PDF wasn't displaying two-page spreads right in her reader despite (or maybe because of?) my deleting a page to avoid that. So here's another version with one more deleted page that should hopefully work if the original doesn't.
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> There's a way to do that with URL tokens iirc

Mind. Blown.
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The stagers did a fantastic job on the house/guest house.

For real, I am not in Bo Burnham's target demo, but Inside hit me in some strange mental sweet spot of "what if I gave into depression and went with it" and still needing a laugh. I even love the outtakes, and he did totally get me with the first ad.
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Inside Part 2 indeed. The bonus content we didn't deserve but needed! Bezos I > Bezos IV > Bezos II > Bezos III btw.
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Nice book, Rhaomi.
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Well I'll be damned:
To describe Bo Burnham’s comedy special, which doubles as a multimedia tour de force, an artistic manifesto, and a lockdown diary, is to deny it its power. For, even if you’ve enjoyed Burnham’s comedy (the Emmy-winning stand-up comic cut his teeth in the early YouTube years), Inside benefits from a sense of accretion. Every new comedic musical number, with titles like “FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight),” “Problematic,” and “White Woman’s Instagram,” feels like a call for help—the kind that gets louder and all the more disquieting, if increasingly familiar, the more it drones on. And that is, in essence, what Inside is: a call for help. Or, more to the point, a reminder that all art is a call for connection—a theme made all the more pertinent when you understand Burnham wrote, directed, edited, and performed this special from the confines of a single room for what feels like months on end. What at first seems like a lark and a pitch perfect conceit for art in the age of COVID quarantine emerges in time as a deeply personal and soul-baring exercise in artistic expression that is oddly timeless in its timeliness. For skewering and embodying a being-onlineness that comforts as much as it throttles us when faced with the prospect of being alone, Bo Burnham: Inside wins a Peabody Award.
I've also been thoroughly enjoying the Dissect podcast's 7-part deep-dive analysis of the special -- it really digs into both the music and the rich symbolism using plenty of background material from interviews, earlier specials, etc.

And almost forgot -- new songs from the deluxe album (now streaming free on YouTube): 1985 and Microwave Popcorn. It's also got an uncut version of Feel Good and Spider, as well as instrumental tracks for most of the original album.
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