MTV2's new site
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MTV2's new site by Digit will probably be fuel on the "flash = cancer on the web"-fire. Warning, full screen mayhem.
posted by prolific (9 comments total)
argh, make it stop! sites are meant to be user-friendly dammit! that means that you can frequent it and not have to wait while a fricken menu that's made out of cubes loads up!
posted by starduck at 6:04 PM on June 3, 2000

I don't think this is really an example of the madness that the Flazoom article is warning against. Its only crime is that it opens full-screen (which, unless you're providing some kind of awesome "experience," you should never do). It doesn't take a billion years to load, the interface is easy to figure out (and in fact, mad props for doing something interesting with the interface on a corporate site).

MTV is all about eye candy, and they actually need a site that's at least a little out of the ordinary to keep the attention of the already over-stimulated eyeballs of their viewers.
posted by endquote at 7:02 PM on June 3, 2000

I like it.
posted by corpse at 8:15 PM on June 3, 2000

It's cool looking, although it seems to be biting that 3-D-bursting-objects style that so big with the design kids these days.

I guess what I really, really don't like about it is when I looked up their show schedules (just for the hell of it), it took me 4 or 5 click-then-wait-then-wait-for-new-interface-then-click-again steps to get to the information.

The site seemed unnecessarily deep.
posted by mathowie at 9:01 PM on June 3, 2000

Buck the System or Fuck the User? I press the mouse button DOWN and the full-screen window launches, instead of waiting until I released it...

That is freakin' annoying.
posted by DragonBoy at 9:58 PM on June 3, 2000

I quite like it myself - it loads fast - more accessible instructions would be handy, what's the 'my hour' thing for? What I don't like is that I can't get MTV2. (Not that I ever watch MTV"1" anymore.) So I can't check if the site's look has any relevance to the channel itself.
posted by prolific at 1:22 AM on June 4, 2000

Didn't load properly for me, so I closed the page. Nice one, chaps.

The real pisser is that these Flash mavens are the ones who hold the big companies to ransom over fees, on the basis of demos and designs which simply don't bridge the reality gap between the leased-line "inside the industry" world and the rest of it. They deserve a good kicking from the Flash Police.
posted by holgate at 2:35 AM on June 4, 2000

I like the tones, and I didn't find it all that hard to navigate. Of course I was looking for any specific piece of information, just sort of traipsing about, so I wouldn't comment on its practicality. But it fits rigth in with M2's feel and esthetic. I can dig it.
posted by Awol at 2:44 AM on June 4, 2000

As much as I loath MTV (talk about a cancer . . .), I am forced to admit that I like this site. I daresay it's beautiful. Each interface doubles as a musical instrument of sorts. Neat.

My only complaint is that the interface was confusing - too often designers think that visitors will enjoy being confused, and that "figuring it out is part of the experience".

This, however, is simply a cop out for poor interface design.
posted by aladfar at 9:02 PM on June 4, 2000

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