Can I Sing Bug With U?
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During a solo acoustic show in Grand Rapids Monday night, Trey Anastasio noticed 7 year-old Jovi holding a sign asking if she could sing a song with him. He invited her up for the encore and the resulting performance is the feel-good thing you didn't know you needed tonight. (slyt)
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Eeeeeexcellent. Trey had as much fun, or more, than she did.
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I'm not crying you're crying
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By all accounts, Trey is a mensch. The 2019 Documentary 'Between Me and My Mind' Is a Gift for Trey Anastasio Fans.....We see him in his socks playing with his cat at 6:30 in the morning, we see him directly after a gig making a beeline for his tour bus (part of his sobriety ritual is to avoid all post-show back-patting) and quietly eating mashed potatoes from a plastic container.

(sorry! posts today must have con-tater-nuity)
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Excellent! I like stars-with-fans videos, and Jovi is just awesome, isn't she?
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Oh wow this is beautiful. She sings so well! And the little uncertain glances, the discrete prompting... So lovely.
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I knew Trey and the other Phishes at UVM back in the day, and what always struck me about all of them was that, beneath all the hippiness and pot smoking and groovy college student weirdness, they loved loved LOVED the MUSIC. Clearly that hasn't changed. Carry on Trey.
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Oh, good. A solo Trey Anastasio show. Thankfully they kept Mike Gordon away from this so there wouldn't be any more issues with him taking prepubescent girls to secluded areas backstage for private "art photos".
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My youngest daughter sang with that kind of casual confidence when she was in kindergarten, and it always captured the crowd as soon as she started.

She's older now, and formal lessons have given her more polish -- but that little kid moxie is somthing else.
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I met Trey backstage at one of his MSG Phish Baker's Dozen shows. Could not have been nicer. My friend who got us backstage works with his management company and knows him. Friend started talking to Trey. I was standing there looking sort of lost I guess. Trey finally said to my friend, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend. Then, the next night, I ran into him again backstage. This time I was without my friend. Trey remembered me and said, "So you ditched your rude friend tonight? I appreciate that." I was with my gf who was there bc I wanted to go. I introduced her. As we walked away, she said, "That was the band's leader? What a nice man."

Now that Trey is clean and sober, there is no alcohol in the band's backstage area. Every other band has ton's of alcohol. What they did have was even better. Little containers of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.
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I guess Trey appreciated the "Let Trey sing" T-shirts that Bob Weir wore at Fare Thee Well for the Grateful Dead shows he played in.

She was great and Trey's smile and appreciation was awesome too. Thanks for posting.
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I guess I'm a cynic. Isn't this a commonly pre-arranged concert stunt? Someone's agent sets something up with a PR person's gf/cousin/kid and "an unknown talent" just happens to get plucked out of the audience completely prepared to perform a song, tailor made to go viral.
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I mean I suppose it's possible that 40 years into his career as a successful musician, the entire time eschewing all attempts at mainstream popularity, that a guy known mainly as an improvisor, who famously doesn't play with so much as a setlist, picked a random solo stop in Michigan to get some likes on YouTube via a pre-arranged PR stunt but I'm naive enough to think that probably wasn't the case.
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Isn't this a commonly pre-arranged concert stunt?

Body language seems to indicate otherwise.
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