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Star Trek: Voyager: The Animated Series Following up on their amazing short Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Animated Series (previously), Gazelle Automations has turned Star Trek: Voyager episode Threshold (previously) into another Filmation production! The music is perfect, and do not skip the ending. posted by polecat (11 comments total) 23 users marked this as a favorite
Also, The Expanse.
posted by migurski at 11:15 PM on June 21 [8 favorites]

Those dirt smudges....

Now I'm picturing Apollo 13's mission control room with everyone smoking except they're Filmation animators working over optical printers with built-in ash trays.

Threshold is just such an angry little episode. It's like the writers were tired of fans asking why Voyager couldn't get home sooner by just technobabbling their engines to be faster so they decided that traveling faster than warp 10 turns humans into salamanders just because shut up that's why.
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lmao the expanse one. I need another 15 minutes of that please.
posted by jquinby at 6:02 AM on June 22 [1 favorite]

15 minutes of cartoon Avasarala dropping F bombs. Only the mouth and eyes move.
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Threshold is just such an angry little episode.

I still think that it was an interesting, not-entirely-bad premise ruined by an inexplicable ending.
posted by Halloween Jack at 7:18 AM on June 22

I haven’t watched Voyager in years and years, but I knew from the first line that this was the lizard-babies episode.
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I thought for sure there would be a little overlay between Neelix and Tuvok in the transporter scene for a Tuvix tease.
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Justice for Tuvix
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I deeply appreciated that Kes was in the transporter room scene but said nothing and did nothing, a perfect summary of how Rick Berman and the Voyager writers’ room handled her character (and lots of women characters.) Sublime touch.
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I find it interesting, as trek fan but someone who didn't get into Voyager and the shows after it, that I am aware of the general consensus regarding the the top episodes of TOS, TNG, DS9, and Enterprise...but about all I know about Voyager is that this episode exists..
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I loved Voyager and this short really captures the heart of the essential problem of that show--the complete unwillingness to take the story seriously. This is an infamous episode, but the entire series is like this: an interesting character or worldbuilding dilemma followed by a half-assed wrap-it-up-in-the-last-five-minutes ending, and never ever meaningfully revisit a story choice that should have had enormous repercussions in the lives of the characters or for the universe. Captain Janeway, you deserved so much better, ㅠㅠㅠ.
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