A journey into the flavors and traditions of Peru’s favorite food
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Approximately 8,000 years ago, the first wild potatoes were harvested from the high-altitude soils surrounding Lake Titicaca at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Since then, more than 4,000 varieties of native potatoes—known in Peru as papas nativas—have been cultivated in the Andean highlands. On a month-long journey through Peru, we encounter the diverse flavors, cultural significance, agricultural challenges, history, and daily uses of papas nativas.
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Three posts about potatoes yesterday, another today?

Is it secretly Potato Week on MetaFilter?

Because if it is, I'm totally here for it.
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More than once I've wished for a way to sample the range of Peruvian potatoes that are never available in the US.
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Big time potato trolled
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Among the reasons I’m growing ají amarillo this year is so I can finally try papa a la huancaína, an apparently ubiquitous Peruvian potato salad. The dish photographs exceptionally badly; it’s worth doing an image search to appreciate just how impossible it is to make look appetizing. I figure it must taste amazing to get away with looking like that!

This was a really good read, and gorgeous to look at. Thanks for posting!
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Man, what is even going on with PotatoFilter these days?

Personally, I like 'em smothered, covered, chunked, diced, and peppered all the way
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it potato world you just live in it
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I, for one, welcome our ancient potato overlords.
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The best bit of the Frietmuseum in Brugge is the mobile made of all sorts of original Peruvian potatoes.
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it potato world you just live in it

Always has been.
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Did you mention Lake Titicaca?
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Why are these theme weeks so secret?
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tiny frying pan, I think this particular theme just emerged ad hoc as people built on each other's whimsy. I know that I personally didn't hear of any plan for a potato theme!
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In Metafilter, you don't plan potato theme; potato them plans you!
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or theme, as the case may be...
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(A post about Dan Quayle, that starts with him being one of the dumbest people in Congress, stops along the way at 'You're no Jack Kennedy,' Murphy Brown, and the POTATOE incident, and ends with him telling Mike Pence he can't overturn an election?

It could be pretty great.)
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I feared this article was going to be about cavy.
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When this happens I feel like I missed something. Maybe that's the game of it.
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I don't think there was anything really planned--yesterday I made a jokey comment about it secretly being Potato Week, and then today I (and some other folks, with no coordination that I'm aware of) decided to make a potato-related post.

There's still plenty of time left in the week if you'd like to get on it :)
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Don't be left holding the hot potato!
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