But what about poutine?
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You could consider the potato, but wouldn't you rather have poutine? Or even better: poutine râpée!! Or perhaps Poutine à trou? Or go to the Acadian Kitchen? Or ...
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I have a soft spot for this kind of food.

It's right below the stent.
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Fuck Poutine
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Ok so I don't have to repeat myself see this previous answer before people start getting their poutine / poutine râpée / poutine à trou all mixed up. Also because we can't have nice things - this previously.
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Don't even get me started on the near-homonyms "Putain" and "Putin".
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Fuck Poutine

"Design [sic] & Printed in the USA." Natch.
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Poutine must be the best drunk/hung over food in the world.
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I have never had poutine. doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy? :(
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I have never had poutine. doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy? :(

It is so good you eat it fast enough that it doesn't get soggy.
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doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy?

It depends on the initial crispiness of the fries, and the time between the gravy and curds going on and the poutine being eaten. It's definitely in the category of "food that doesn't travel well for takeout or delivery unless soggy fries are a thing you really like."

But there's going to be some inherent sogginess at play, so it's also a texture preference thing.

Fries that have gone all soggy with a tasty gravy and melted cheese curds is the selling point for some people, particularly drunk ones late at night.

I do like that about poutine (although if if the gravy is sub-par it's not appealing), but I can see how that would be a texture no-go for others.
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In French, the transliteration of Владимир Путин has always been Vladimir Poutine.

I have never had poutine. doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy? :(
It takes a little while (I'm sure you've dipped in ketchup/mayo before) so all the fries start crispy, and the crispiest tips and little bits remain crispy all the way throughout. By the bottom of the dish, some of the regular fries have gotten soggy, but here's the thing you haven't reckoned with -- they're soggy with cheesy gravy, which is delicious. Gravy makes roast beef wet too, but there's a world of difference between wet and wet-and-tastes-like-gravy.
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near-homonyms "Putain" and "Putin".

I think I speak French very differently.
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As someone who has seemingly recently become lactose intolerant and tries very hard to be vegetarian. . . I do pine for one specific tikka masala fusion poutine that I had 12 years ago. I'll be three blocks away from the place next month. If they still exist, I won't be able to resist. It's awful. And beautiful. And worth eating despite the consequences.
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There's a restaurant near me that serves what they call 'Pyro Poutine'--sausage gravy and house-made hot sauce over home fries, topped with cheddar cheese and chicken tenders. It's a lot. In a good way.
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Tiny pink and purple potatoes in wagyu fat
that's all I'm sayin
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I have never had poutine. doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy? :(

You say this like it's a bad thing?

I love soggy gravy fries. The cheese is an extra bonus.
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Poutine must be the best drunk/hung over food in the world.

Yes! A close 2nd being murtabak , or at least the version you get in Singapore at places like Zam Zam or Spize.
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my theory is that it isn't properly poutine unless you are buying it from a yellow chippy at the war memorial in ottawa at 2 am from a vietnamese man who speaks no english and just to spice it up sometimes has neither forks nor napkins on offer.

Admittedly I did nearly all of this research during an engineering coop term in summer 1992...
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Being a Chicagoan I haven't had much poutine, except on a few visits up to my wife's uncle and aunt, who live in Ottawa. The best poutine I ever had on one of those trips came from a snack bar at the beach on a little island in the Ottawa River called Petrie Island. On a sunny summer afternoon, while my kids built sand castles and we played frisbee with my wife's uncle and her cousins, we shared a few cups of poutine, and it was one of the finest meals I've had in my life.
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The best poutine in Toronto is from a truck that parks on the west side of St George, south of Harbord. It's called "Ideal Catering" and is cream with a red roof.
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If people are interested such things, and can read French, I recommend Emilie Villeneuve and Olivier Blouin's Moutarde Chou. They travelled all over Quebec to the many snack bars to sample the poutine and other wares on offer. The book is filled with recipes, loads of pictures - it's a delight. In an interview done when the book was released they were asked the question, "what is the best poutine in Quebec?"
"Impossible to decide. But with fries from the Connaisseur snack bar in Tadoussac, sauce from Chez Cathy in Rivière-au-Renard, and cheese from the La vache cheese dairy in Maillotte, served at Chez Morasse snack bar in Rouyn-Noranda , we would be pretty close to perfection!"
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