Potatoes are really kicking off
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Bluegrass Potatoes – What Are They? (and How to Play Them) on mandolin (David Benedict: What are taters?), banjo (Banjo Ben Clark: Banjo Potatoes– Kick off them fiddle tunes with some spice!), and guitar (How to Kick Off Fiddle Tunes on Guitar with Potatoes! ).

Thematically related:

"Tater Patch," as performed by Bryan Sutton, with plenty of other versions of this standard fiddle tune out there.

If blues harmonica is more your thing, check out Jerry McCain's "Potato Patch."

If you dig Don Messer-style fiddle, there's always Graham Townsend's "Little Burnt Potato."
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Big Potato is clearly attempting a takeover of MeFi.
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Mission accomplished?
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What are taters???
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(Can someone please explain why Metafilter has suddenly become Potatofilter? I'm missing something.)
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After a friend of his complained about the quality of potatoes in London, Uist piper Norman Maclean wrote the popular session tune Scarce O Tatties (performed there by Gary West).
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Here is a link to a random selection of potato-themed songs that are out of copyright. Press play and enjoy a (virtually) infinite selection.
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