Potato music
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This is my sampler playlist of 12 potato songs from Spotify. They span many musical genres from folk to dance, rap, R&B and early jazz. Some are by musicians you may have heard of like Tyler The Creator, Louis Armstrong, Skunk Anansie, Slim Gaillard, Ike & Tina Turner, Mr Scruff and Jake Xerxes Fussell. Musical acts named Potato include Potato, Potato, Potato, Potato and Potato Potato.

Bonus Joke: (Q) What musical instrument would a potato play? (A) A tuber.
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Who's going to make the post about Weird Al's "Addicted to Spuds"?
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Can you dig it? (YouTube link to an old Burger King commercial, but I promise it's worth thirty seconds of your time.)
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Metamora wrote and performed the fabulously silly lullaby Little Potato -- it's got extra sweet potatoes and lamb chops.
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I don't think they had any songs about potatoes, but Papas Fritas - Holiday is pretty good, everyone could use a holiday, and maybe "take one of these on your holiday" refers to a potato.
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I still maintain that Bulbes is, if not the most lyrically complex, at least the catchiest potato anthem I've encountered thus far. But this post reminds me that there's so much ground left to cover!
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For a good lyrical overview of the culinary range of spuds, Mo'Taters !
And you can sure as hell dance/ cook to it, ask me how I know.
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Needs more French Fries With Pepper.
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Aw, I was hoping for potato artists, such as
Michael Jacket
Bad Fingerling
Yukonnie Francis
David Hasselback
Kennebec G.
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"Barnyard Dance" by Martin, Bogan and Armstrong includes a sweet potato in the festivities.
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A million years ago, I ran a little indie record label called Racer Records, and probably the main band that inspired me to start the label was The Potato Eaters (named, of course, after the Van Gogh painting).

The Potato Eaters were Ben Guy (who'd played with Snakefinger), Laurie Amat (who'd sung with The Residents), Gino Robair (who's played with, well, everybody - Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison ...), the brilliant pedal steel player David Phillips (who's played with Tom Waits and Charlie Hunter), Michael Ross (who's worked with Jane Hardaway and James Armstrong) (here are his Potato Eaters reminiscences), and Emily Bezar (who's done several excellent solo albums).

They had put out an album on Gino's Rastascan Records, and my label released their second album, Wreckless.

It was one of the finest albums I had the honor of releasing. You can hear bits of their genius in the snippets at Allmusic - Guy's commanding and sensuous voice on "Wreckless," Emily's ethereal vocals on "Battle-Ax," David's otherworldly pedal steel on "Dog-Eared but Forgotten," the band's amazing cover of Richard Thompson's "Calvary Cross." (Songs from the first album are on Youtube and Spotify.)

They were an incredible band, and Wreckless was a great record.

I wish I could give a copy to everyone on MetaFilter.

(Which is the kind of intemperate enthusiasm that makes a person start a record label.)
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Potato Peeler --.Bobby Gregg & Friends

Featuring a much copied guitar solo resplendent with pinch harmonics by the very-young-at-the-time Roy Buchanan.
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