The Inky Depths #6: Potato Grouper
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A quick one today, but no less incredible - LOOK AT THIS FACE!

The Potato Grouper is also called the potato cod or potato bass, and has a wide distribution in the Indian and Pacific Oceans but is "uncommon to rare in most areas," according to Wikipedia. They hide adorably in coral reefs waiting to swallow their prey whole.

The largest reported size is 110 kilograms (240 pounds)! Check out this video to see their clunky aggressiveness! Potato grouper ATTACK!

That is all. Please do not eat the potato grouper, even if you have 240 pounds of butter.

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oh my cod
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tiny frying pan

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(Couldn't resist!)
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There seem to be an unusually large number of potato-related posts over the past couple of days, and I have no idea why.
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Well, potatoes, but also potato potato potato
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Inky Depths but now with potatoes! Perfection!
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