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In 1960, Virginia Prince founded Transvestia magazine, which continued for 111 issues. The FTM Newsletter was first published in 1987 by Lou Sullivan and extended for 67 issues. Starting in about 1971, Adèle Anderson kept a series of thirteen scrapbooks documenting her interest and experience in gender identity. These online resources are a small part of the collated online resources at the University of Victoria's Transgender Archives which can be followed on twitter, itself part of the Digital Transgender Archives network (twitter).
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Oh my goodness! Gathering together these archives of queer history into one place? You are doing the work of the Good, truly! Thank you for this post!
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Indeed. Fine work! Thanks.
posted by Splunge at 4:18 PM on June 27


What a treasury!
posted by rrrrrrrrrt at 4:23 PM on June 27

The history of my people. I am glad to see it and to learn.
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As someone with trans family, thank you. This will provide reading for weeks to come.
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The history of my people. I am glad to see it and to learn.
The personal accounts in Transvestia are fascinating and heartbreaking. Things were so different for trans women then... They struggled so hard to find ways to live in their gender. We have far, far to go, but the difference is striking.
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This is excellent thank you. For modern publications, Original Plumbing (2009-2019) was amazing. No digital archive (yet …?) but the book of all their issues is A+
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So much queer and trans history has been lost, and so much is out there to be discovered. Like I had never heard of this licensed surgery clinic in the woods for trans folks.
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