Is this a bike bell? THAT's a bike bell
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Cody Hovland didn't feel safe biking anymore because nobody heard him coming, so he built a very large and loud bell for his bike out of a barbecue grill, using an inkjet printer, a microwave oven, and organically grown wooden gears.
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Thank you! Definitely got a few genuine chuckles.
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Never has over-production been deployed so well....
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That is a beautiful build!

Now if you want loud...
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This was hilarious and I loved it. Thank you so much for posting!!
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"Let me know in the comments below if you left a comment in the comments below."
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The bike bell grill ("For those little get-togethers") was a nice touch.

Well played.
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Side note: I always recommend using your voice to warn people when biking instead of your bell. People ignore bells.
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This video went to unexpected places, but I was totally there for it. BRRRRRRRRNNNNGGGG

I have a stem-mounted bell on my bike (passed on from the previous owner) but I never use it. I also use my voice to warn people (or I try to, but those earbuds are really good these days.)
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But can it really make cars explode? Asking for a friend.
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This was excellent and I loved the jokes and the delighted laughter and smiles.
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I welcome recommendations for the next Hovland video to watch if I enjoyed this one!
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The fancy microwave and use of tools was hilarious.

I'm too shy to ding at people. I try to sneak by like a tiny mouse, and if the trail gets too crowded I head off somewhere else.

Also, that guy looks and sounds, and acts exactly like one of my neighbors, but I don't live anywhere near him and he has a different last name, so maybe they are long lost brothers. Whatever the answer is, it's very weird.
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Is dance-jogging a thing? I really want it to be a thing.

Because roving packs of dance joggers would be amazing.
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MrVisible: Prancercise.
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Oh, clew. Oh, my. That was glorious. The video... I don't know what part was better. The sudden transition to prancercising, in all its overzealous awkwardness? The drone shot, surely the apotheosis of what drone shots could be? The surprising usefulness of prancercising when it comes to mildly annoying horses? Her life partner's truly stunning zebra-striped bulge? The participants' gradually increasing exhaustion, mixed with the dawning realization that anything fun that you turn into exercise is eventually just exercise?

That was simply splendid. I may have injured myself laughing. I'm afraid that my determination to see gangs of roving dance-joggers taking over city streets, baffling innocent pedestrians and occasional horses with ludicrous dance moves has only grown.
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I have a bell on my bike, which hasn't been seeming like enough. I went to bed watching electric/air bike horn videos last night so this was great to wake up to. I wasn't considering MORE BELL.

Prancercise previously, but without horses and drone technology. What a difference a decade makes!
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I don't know what part was better.

The increasing exhaustion (she dropped her arms a few times), the fact that she's dressed for a date night at Applebees instead of exercise, the fact that if you drone around horses for more than a few minutes, you'll get a way too close shot of one pooping (3:28 or so), and that she rhymes everything like a cartoon wizard are also awesome.
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So this is Houston, yes? I recognized Saint Arnold but no other locations. Where can I get a pint of beer at the drive in window that says "Hey Neighbor"? And can I bike there, or that just good editing?
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"Harmonica Exhaust Mod for a Sports Car" is 7 minutes long and delightful. And includes a bit of interactivity in the comments.
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"That's up to code"
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This should be in a double bill with The Martian.
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This anti style (or just subversive?) reminds me of Pat Finnerty work in the musicians reviewing musicians space that was previously on mefi. It is so good it transcends its genre.

I am particularly fond how both are out in public with their projects, and how Hovland brings a camp skit vibe with his friends.
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This is just wonderful :-)
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