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Web Stalker, absolutely fabulous new toy for me to play w/, spiders the web, does a visual map of what you are finding. (I was actually workig on something to do almost the same thing, now I don't have to :)
posted by sonofsamiam (2 comments total)
i don't know how useful this is for technically-based folks, but i downloaded it for my design staff (who previously had no experience with mapping) a while back. it ended up helping them understand that yeah, the web REALLY IS an information system. (on the downside, it was a little weird to see that they had never considered that concept at all...)
posted by patricking at 4:14 PM on June 4, 2000

yes, now that I spent all day playing w/ it, I'm not sure it's as useful as it first seemed. (a little over-enthused, are we, sonof?) I think the concept is great, but it's too slow (macromedia director!?!?) and weird (in it's spidering algo; how come it won't spider the links from an google search?) for me to use very often.
posted by sonofsamiam at 6:17 PM on June 4, 2000

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