I'm the world champion and you're not.
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I'm the world champion and you're not. Don't worry though, NOVA members may seem to be high and mighty, but don’t be fooled; each of use is human and have our faults. Want to host a tournament? Better learn how to run one. Maybe you'll want to host one at Paradise Racetrack where the recent addition of split levels and spiral curves has the local racing crowd abuzz with joyful anticipation. Is this a Sports Filter post about auto racing? No, it's an eerie look into the world of a Car Wars chapter. (Ever walk into somewhere that you wish you could run out of, but you just can't stop exploring...)
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nice how they call the pillars "indestructible," the description made famous by the titanic
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I'm not sure I understand all this, never being a gamer myself, but this quote made me chuckle: "We had our craziness at times, including the infamous transforming vehicles, mock ARF attacks, the Maniacs adventures and others. You can’t just expect us to fight in the arena or highway each week. At GenCon we ran a Godzilla/Monster event the last few years and its a blast. Destroying cities, tanks, aircraft, and helicopters is such fun. No average car can take down a tank in one shot, but Godzilla can." Man, those were the days ...
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Car Wars...fantastic game. Trying to do a simple conversion of exsting code to make an Auto Duel game myself. Right now, my friends and I are all into MegaMek for our 80s gaming nostalgia.
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I managed to be an avid Steve Jackson Games fan for years without ever playing a single session of one of their games, even though I owned hundreds of dollars worth of their products...

Plus, SJ Games had a daily weblog in 1994, before the Pyra kids were even out of college.
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