Where's Marlon Brando?
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Where's Marlon Brando? Wonder no longer: he's making bad acting videos and is just as nutty as ever. Very interesting and personal Rolling Stone article about one of America's finest (and one of my favorite) actors (I'm talking On the Waterfront and The Godfather here, not that Dr. Moreau crap. Also, there's a companion RealAudio piece from This American Life here, about 3/4 through). He's still every bit the enigma he's been for the past twenty years.
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Well, one thig he's done recently is to endorse one of the mayoral candidates in DC. I should add, she's the only candidate who managed to get her name on the ballot--not even the incumbent could do that properly!
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He was on TV every day, not too long ago. CourtTV, that is, at his son's murder trial.

Interestingly, I just enjoyed re-watching Apocalypse Now Redux that Tivo snagged off of IFC.
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Don't be too hard on him; this is Superman's dad you're talking about.
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Where's Marlon Brando?

Like Where's Waldo, only, I would assume, much, much easier.
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That was one of the funniest articles I've read in forever, thanks.
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Ben Greenman wrote a funny Brando story in his book, it's called "Marlon Brando's dreaming"
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Like Where's Waldo, only, I would assume, much, much easier.

Damn, beat me to it. It's a book for the slower kids.
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Marlon Brando, sitting in his mansion dressed in a robe, messing around on the internet and prank IMing people. What an image. He is so strange, but so very cool nonetheless.
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What a guy.
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His website.
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Heh. And he used Frontpage to do it!
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Patricia Bosworth's Penguin Lives entry on him is a good little intro, especially re his landmark performances.

Arguably the most significant American public personality post-WWII.
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