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If cats sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just what it says on the (cat food?) tin. (SLYT)
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One of the scenes in the video above may look a bit familiar.
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This is one of the strangest videos I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their Arnolds wedged into their cats, or why.
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opening shot was cool. I needed that so
😹😹😹😹 and Micheal Caine Impressions
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I slept late, had the day off, hit the beach for an hour and a half, saw an old friend, and now I'm having a drink and a bong hit and this post really put the cherry on my....wait for it....Sunday.
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One of the scenes in the video above may look a bit familiar

As may this one.
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I have to say my most favorite Arnold-noise (Arnoise? Schwarzenoise?) is the inquisitive one at 0:12, where he goes "Yow?" It reminds me of this segment of an Aries Spears monologue, where he talks about running into Arnold.
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Human: [opens chicken flavor cat food]
Katzenegger: ITS NOT A TUNA!

Human: why are you so into chasing that ice cube around the kitchen floor?

and of course
Cat: [running and jumping around like crazy with the zoomies]
Katzenegger: COCAINUM!
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This is simultaneously both the stupidest and the greatest thing I've ever seen.
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Not gonna spend the evening making the Nicholas Cage and Werner Herzog versions. Really. (thanks!) [Edit: also not doing Shatter. Despite the temptation.]
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William 'Cat'ner? Ahem...

"Mm...myow. (takes a step or two) 'iaou. (turns to camera, raises up on haunches, scrunches shoulders out and extends paws as if holding a meal tray) Mee.--eee--YOW.

"Gentlemen, String. Is our. BIZ-ness.

"I'll never forgive those vet bastards for what they did to my balls.

"Excuse me, what does God need with a Star-Kist?

"Pleae don't use that spray bottle, it sickens me.


And, scene.
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Sebastian Cabot as The Cheshire Cat.
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Best. Title. Ever.
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Accurately captures the metric that about one of every two dozen or so cats can actually speak English.
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Robert Smigel's Arnold will never not be funny.
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Omg, Bartleby. That was literally coffee shot out of my nose funny.

I have to admit I laughed more at your comment than at the video.
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Robot Chicken's Terminator baby is pretty good too. It also has an evil Terminator puppy, which should have been a cat.
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Omg Brains out I died, I died. That link is excellent.

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this is in line with exactly all of my interests, no more, no less.
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