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AUTOEXEC.CAT, via mefi projects. [Instagramless? lewiseason suggests picyuki]
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[Sorry to be annoying but is there a way to reliably mirror Instagram? I'm just getting a login request and I don't have an account...]
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it's the felingularity!
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Ten Cold Hot Dogs, when I click on the link using a browser I'm not logged in with, I can see most of the page, and there's a log in/sign up banner at the bottom, and I can get rid of that by clicking the "x" on the upper right. After that, to see a particular image, I can click to open in new window to avoid the log-in screen again.
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Instagram tracks your visits if you're not logged in, and it refuses to show content to people who visit more than once or twice. You may be able to see more image if you purge your cookies, but that's often not enough. Meta is a bad actor on the open web and should not be linked to at all, imo. Tumblr is a much better host for image blogs.
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Sorry to be annoying but is there a way to reliably mirror Instagram

You could try picuki, which I've used before.
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TY! I've added it to the post
posted by taz at 5:41 AM on July 18 sometimes works.
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I see you, Aineko
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These are amazing.
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I love the name, and the pictures are very fun :)

Re: Instagram, my experience is that how difficult they make it to view without an account is highly dependent on what country you are in, it's typically much more difficult outside the US (or at least, in Taiwan and parts of Europe). This is the first time I've heard of picuki, so thanks for that, lewiseason! It seems extremely useful.
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“album cover from a cat who plays jazz piano, blue note records designed by reid miles, photographic single color restricted color palette, monochrome, creative typography”

this is some good album art tbh, now i want to listen to it
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Meta is a bad actor on the open web and should not be linked to at all, imo.

In other words, we should... filter it?
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Hey, this is my weird cat art thing! Thanks for posting it, taz. These are all made with an AI drawing tool called Midjourney (and maybe Dall-E 2 someday, if I ever get access). As someone who loves art history, digital art and cats, it's the most fun I've had with a computer in ages.
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Is this something I’d have to put a cat in a scanner to understand?
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For those interested, DALL-E is now in open beta.
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I've been keeping up with the page, and there are many new ones since this was posted. I just love them all so much!
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