Ray would stay.
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Ray would stay. Hawai'i actor Ray Bumatai's brain tumor hemorrhaged on stage. He finished the show blind and returned, after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, to finish the run of the play. Is this taking the old "the show must go on" adage a little too far?
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This message board thread from the improvisational comedy page YesAnd.com was the source for this link.
posted by Joey Michaels at 7:48 PM on August 30, 2002

This story reminded me of some good times; I used to love watching Ray's brother, Andy Bumatai's comedy acts (it was clean so Mom let me go, not like Rap Replinger's) and his TV specials on Channel 9.

Oh yeah, back on topic. Man, that's dedication.
posted by Tacodog at 7:57 PM on August 30, 2002

I live in Hawaii, and though I am not a fan of Ray, nor consider him talented, I certainly admire his courage.
posted by scottymac at 11:21 PM on August 30, 2002

Not to knock the man's courage, but that's by far the most stupid thing I've heard of anyone doing in a long while.

To care more about your reputation than about your health, your life and your loved ones - there's no way anyone sane can even begin to justify that.
posted by cell at 5:00 AM on August 31, 2002

Aw, c'mon. Stupid, foolish, stubborn persistence in the face of imminent death seems to me to be one of monkeydom's highest achievements. My hat's off to the guy; this story makes me feel great.
posted by mediareport at 1:22 PM on August 31, 2002

What mediareport said.

Sure it was stupid, but how many of us could say we went out doing what we loved and doing it well? I guess my hat's off to this guy.

More power to him.
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Admittedly, I have never seen any of Mr. Bumatai's work. Is there a professional theater/comedy scene in Hawaii? What does he do? What is the scene like? Who is good?

Uninformed minds want to know!
posted by Joey Michaels at 3:24 PM on August 31, 2002

Actually, in my opinion, the brightest light in the Hawaii theater scene is the author of the linked article. Lee Cataluna is a playwright, actress, and comedienne. Sorry to br so tardy in my response, was out of touch for a couple days.
posted by scottymac at 9:30 PM on September 2, 2002

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