Baby Mantis Shrimp Strikes Captured in Slow Motion
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Baby Mantis Shrimp Strikes Captured in Slow Motion "A behind the scenes look at how the ultra-fast strikes of larval mantis shrimp are filmed and studied" [bonus video: cavitation bubbles]
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I love how excited and just plain delighted the scientist is when he discusses these tiny, seemingly inconsequential creatures. His enthusiasm is palpable and contagious. Thanks for sharing this; truly the best of the web.
posted by Atrahasis at 4:49 PM on August 3


My brain read this as captivating bubbles, which seems right.
posted by PistachioRoux at 5:37 PM on August 3

wow - the technology needed to study these shrimp is amazing - very cool!
posted by leslies at 6:28 PM on August 3

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