Pink cup with party rings
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Lucy Crick is a painter in oils, based in Suffolk. Inspired by golden age Dutch still life paintings, she does detailed portraits of cups of tea, cakes, biscuits, confectionery, eggs and other things.
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I find these very charming! Now I want to do a painting of party rings for my wall.

(For a while, my Thing was to bring party rings to adult parties because it was such a blast from people's childhood)
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Very nice. I see there's a number of branded goodies - anyone know how the copyright works in these situations? Does the artist need to get permission, or is this 'fair use' (which is not nearly as strong under UK as US law so no US answers needed)?
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Those doughnut paintings are enough to make me want to throw Keto to the wind and eat some doughnuts.
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George Bickham Her use of branded stuff falls under transformative use.
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These are great.

I'm very impressed with her bread - the toast in boiled egg and soldiers and the slices that make up the bacon sandwich. Her ceramics (the egg holder, the tea mug) are just beautiful, too.

I'm going to enjoy poring over the collection.

Thanks so much for posting this, Grangousier!
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(sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold) (sold)

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Yes, I know, I'm sorry - only the pears left. If I were a wealthy man with a nice house, I'd have been in touch to see if she has a waiting list, or commission a mug of tea with chocolate Hobnobs. I think they're genuinely lovely - they seem nostalgic (with an aesthetic that's quite 1930s and quite Ladybird Books in addition to the Dutch influence) but there's nothing there that's actually retro - everything is available from the average supermarket right now, with the possible exception of sugar mice. Reminiscent of the landscapes of Doreen Fletcher in that way.
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Very toothsome (burp!), thank you.

Have another bite at Culinary Arts: The World’s Top 10 Famous Food Paintings, Mick Murray, Tiqets Blog, May 8, 2020.
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These are lovely! Thanks for sharing.
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