September 1, 2002
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Employing a rather breath-taking counter, Netsizer claims to track the growth of the internet (users and hosts) in real time based on a methodology briefly and unsatisfyingly explained here. According to Netsizer the number of internet users already tops 800 million, but the Cyber Atlas is projecting 700-950 million users in 2004. Does anybody really know what's going on?
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For reference, Caslon Analytics offers their considered opinion in "Lies, damned lies and web stats" a year-old, but interesting and lushly linked article on the question.
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If that really happens, the RIAA will be gone in 2004. Completely. (Unless they adapt, of course, but it does not look like Hillary Rosen is interested in that, at this current juncture in time)
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I spent half the day wrestling BGP configs, and I can guarantee you that people not only don't know how many people are on their net, most of the people running it don't even know how their own networks actually operate.

Normally, I find that reassuring, except when I have to actually deal with it. Then it makes me fear my pager capable cell phone.
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most of those 800 million can't or won't read, or cannot comprehend WHAT they read, and mostly just end up hanging around in aol chatrooms going a/s/l? until they get carpal tunnel.
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Okay, there is only one way to settle this, just call out your number as we go around the room. I'll go first...

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