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Headline Haikus.... Headlines as Haikus / Written by a computer / Robert Frost's corpse spins
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haha some of these are hillarious
posted by sikander at 4:45 PM on September 2, 2002

when did robert frost die?
posted by mdn at 5:00 PM on September 2, 2002

Jan. 29, 1963
posted by gsteff at 5:03 PM on September 2, 2002

Was Robert Frost Japanese?
posted by poseur at 6:42 PM on September 2, 2002

manual trackback: is that allowed?
posted by djacobs at 7:13 PM on September 2, 2002

No, he sure definately wasn't Japanese. Sorry about that, was just quickly trying to come up with a well known poet whose syllables would add up correctly.
posted by gsteff at 7:44 PM on September 2, 2002

Two roads diverged in
a wood, and I - I took the
one less traveled by.

More news in haiku: 1, 2.
Fark's haiku thread.
posted by xowie at 8:09 PM on September 2, 2002

& more, nice MeFi tag too.
posted by xowie at 8:54 AM on September 3, 2002

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