Eels, How Do They Work?
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I love this. I read Graham Swift's Waterland a year or so ago, and have been fascinated by eels since.
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"Each year, the eels arrive" is a great opening line for a SF/horror story.
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I love how much we don't know about things that seem like they should be well known and familiar because, I mean, eels! They're everywhere, right? How do we NOT know all about how/where eels do it?
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How do we NOT know all about how/where eels do it?

Because they're eelusive?

I'm so so sorry.
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I propose that we save the whole planet just so that we can leave it a mystery forever.
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in 1876, Sigmund Freud dissected at least 400 eels in search of gonads

All at once, or was 1876 his "eel-a-day" (ish) period?

All joking aside, I've learned way more about eels and scallops today than I had any right to expect.
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When you find the one spot where the eels all get hot...that's a moray.
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Sigmund Freud's eel dissection numbers are an outlier adn should not be counted.
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Didn’t The Mighty Boosh already put this question to rest a long time ago?
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see also P. Svensson’s lovely Book of eels.
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Glad and sad the post title isn't the same as an art project I'm doing (a book full of question marks) that's prospectively labelled How is Babb-eel formed?
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Okay, "Babb-eel" is much better than "eelly" and I wish I'd thought of that.
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The sensors were designed to detach several months later and transmit the data along with the eels’ final location. Unfortunately, they detached before the eels reached any specific spawning locations, though one eel got as close as 100 to 150 kilometers from the spawning region.

Anago ahead and say that these eels are just very slippery characters.
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Another lovely eel book, Consider The Eel.
Many, many years ago I had the extreme pleasure of consuming Korean BBQ eel; beyond all the great side dishes-- pickles, etc!-- it was one of the most amazing textures and flavors I've ever had. Like the creamiest sausage bursting through its skin, but very fatty and delicate; like lobster without any grain or tissue.
But reading about eels is hard, harder now; knowing how many of the world's rivers are so polluted, eels overfished to extinction. I wonder if anyone else will every get to experience a dish like that. I hope we still get to have some eels somewhere, just living their mysterious lives.
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One group of marine biologists is said to have found the location. When they went to dive the site in order to get confirmation what they experienced was literally shocking.
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