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Musical artist Camille's recent works include MANDALALÀS, a series of experimental dance videos shot from above accompanied by new compositions.
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I should have included a note about both arguable orientalism and also possibly NSFW content.
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I enjoyed her 2005 album, Le Fil, which features a single droning background note throughout and wildly inventive vocals.
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It took me a little while to realise that the videos are not just choreographed dances shot from above - but also actual performance of the songs as recorded - which is a pretty amazing thing to do.

I love Camille - and would also recommend this performance of Les canards sauvages (the wild ducks) or Wet Boy - or this full live set (again links tend towards NSFW in parts)
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That Canards performance is what I send to people who I'm trying to convince that she's interesting (everything else from that whole performance is also great, though.) The others are new. Cheers!
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I'd like to see this artist perform live.

There's a bit of Meredith Monk vibe.
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(Camille rose to fame as one of the singers involved with the Nouvelle Vague cover band that that allocated various New Wave songs to various young singers who had (allegedly) never heard the originals: examples by her: In a Manner of Speaking, Too Drunk to Fuck, Guns of Brixton. Also Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' from a similar era.)
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