The Ability to Find Beauty in Unpromising Places
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Thanks for this! We were at the Brooklyn Museum a few weeks ago and one of the kids was entranced by Charles Sheeler's Incantation; now I've got a whole modernist movement to toss at him!
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I love precisionist art - something about the cool elegance of the lines just appeals to me. I like Gerald Murphy's work - he's an interesting guy I can talk about forever, but instead I'll just link to this painting of his: Watch.
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Manhatta (1921) - Documentary Film by Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler...
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I work in an industrial neighbourhood and for a long time it really depressed me. I found a local photographer who had taken some really beautiful photos of the area and I bought four to frame in my office. Sometimes you have to actively seek beauty to find it.
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phooky, Sheeler is a favorite of mine. Turn your kids on to trippy paintings like Ore Into Iron and On a Shaker Theme. Amazing.
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Reactor Core Art.
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The painting by Elsie Driggs mentioned in the article, Aeroplane, is gorgeous.
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