Unresponsive insurance-YANM PI Lawyer
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So, last year, this happened.

I finally got a snail letter saying that they were going to cancel the claim if they didn't hear from me by today.

The trouble is, I've sent them e-mail several times with all the receipts attached AND called numerous times and every time I call I get the agent's voice mail (and every time I leave a message and my full contact information). I even got the executive address from Christopher Elliot's web page, if you know him, and sent to that. Someone called me once after that, but when I called back I got voice mail again.

I know they can't close this case, I know about the statue of limitations, but is there a way to get their attention?

I don't believe it is enough $ to sic a lawyer on them. I'm not suing them for 9 million dollars, I'd just like my doc visits and other treatments to be paid.

EDIT: I called the agent again today and got voice mail. Again I left my contact information.
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Have you sent physical mail with all the signature-required tracking?
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