Do you remember?
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Demi Adejuyigbe is conspicuously not doing anything extraordinary today, for once. He said last year was going to be the final iteration, and this year we all have to do our own silly dances if we want silly dances. Previously, previously, previously, previously, and previously
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My wedding anniversary is September (not today), but this is our song. I miss Demi, but will certainly dance tonight.
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Today's number.
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Do you remember
The 21st night of September
David Lynch pulled out a number
The number he pulled was eight
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I, due.
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I totally, totally love these, and I also love that he decided to stop when he was ready to stop.

Thank you for remembering the day, jackbishop, and for making it easy to revisit these utterly delightful videos!
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Yes, thank you for posting these! So much fun!
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I didn't remember. :(

But now I do! :)))
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I have been dancing around the house all day, mumbling the forgotten lyrics and spinning my arms.

(I can't dance but my heart is full!)
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I used to work for a boutique tech support company which catered to Hollywood types (and continues to do so). Allee Willis (co-writer of “September”) was a client and she was quite the personality.

I recruited a good buddy of mine into the company and he wound up on the (extremely high-touch) Willis account. When Allee decided, after many lucrative years, to stop working with the company, my buddy went with her.

After her untimely passing a few years back, he wound up the de facto curator and custodian of her incredibly kitschy estate and legacy. He’s running ragged tonight making sure that tonight’s Willis Wonderland foundation benefit (emceed by Paul Reubens) is a success. I’ve hung out at her North Hollywood headquarters a few times and it’s a hoot!
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Maybe some Gas-X before bed? Or trying lying onyour left side, then your right side.
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It's my birthday! I've been doing my own silly dances for 51 years now!
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Happy Birthday!
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That's today!
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As we were chilling on our computers on the couch just before dinner today, my partner gasped and said "do you know what day it is today??" And I lowered my computer screen to reveal myself wearing my Sept 21 t-shirt and said "Yes, I do." It was perfect comedic timing and I kind of felt like I did my own little silly dance for Demi.

As much as I like wearing my Sept 21 shirt on Sept 21, it's even funnier to wear it on other days.
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Dang it! (Cries in GMT+10)
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[extremely Australian voice] only three months until the world’s worst recipe for gravy
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Do you pre-member?
The ninety sixth night of September?
Psychic spiders extinguishing embers
Of civilization's final dayyyyys
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(Fiasco da Gama- gravy day previously )
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Awww… I’m kinda sad to hear that Demi Adejuyigbe really didn’t do anything this year. Even though he said he wouldn’t, I kinda hoped he’d do something anyway.

My son and I would watch the videos every year together, and he’d get kinda obsessed and ask to watch them over and over again for a week. He was six last year, so it’s kind of at the edge of where he might remember it as he grows up. But I realize that for the rest of my life I’ll get a little emotional every time I hear “September”.
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Now that it's the 22nd and the day is officially over, I have to admit I was hoping that someone would pick up the mantle and create a new one for this year (and ongoing) with his blessing.
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I checked in and he took in $1,037,184.16 in donations last year. Granted, in 2021, we were all a slightly more captive audience who desperately needed levity and hope but I was curious how the fundraising would go if he did do another one. The rest of his YouTube channel has some gems!
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I remember the third one and thinking !A kids choir! - oh this is going to be a whole thing.
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I was also waiting for a surprise video this year. I'm a little disappointed about him quitting in that annoying entitled way that people who consume free media are disappointed, but I'm happy he was able to pull the plug on his own terms.

To make me feel better, my husband danced with me to the song last night. It worked.
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The kids choir is my favourite of all the videos, no lie. They're all joyous videos but that one feels just a little bit more so because ICE CREAM.

Demi deserves to do whatever he wants on the 21st, including nothing; he's given us so much already.
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Highly recommend his podcast with Miel: Punch Up the Jam

Start from the beginning, Demi left in 2019.

Bonus McElroy Crossover
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