As the palm is bent, the boy is inclined.
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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and an alumnus of NYC's Art + Disability Residency, interdisciplinary artist Kevin Quiles Bonilla considers his work to be rooted in the experience of living in/leaving a colonial environment. An interview with Bomb Magazine on Quiles Bonilla's solo show "A tropic squall blew in, while you dried in the sand." Recent work on the structures of colonialism, the childhood memory of acknowledging queerness, and the blue tarp as embodied trauma.

Artist talk for the solo show "As the palm is bent, the boy is inclined."
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Looks interesting, gracias.

Just a quick note to say that ~80% of Puerto Rico still has no running water, or power...not trying to hijack the thread, just worried about the people of Boriken, and Quisqueya.

Some places to donate.
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Thank you nikoniko for the links. I just sent some funds to Brigada Solidaria del Oeste and Taller Salud.
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