Women in Comics
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Women in Comics [via mefi projects]

This project was posted in 2016. But it's still just sitting there! So maybe you want to know that it exists.
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Links to the works and/or biographies would make this more useful.
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If you're on a computer, you can double-click on the name to highlight it, and then right-click on the highlight. There should be an option in the dropdown menu to use your browser's search feature to search for the name you highlighted.
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Seems like a good place to recommend Kate Beaton's new autobiographical graphic novel Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands, about her time working in the Alberta oil sands to pay off her student loans. It is excellent, but be warned that it's a very dark and heavy read that touches on some extremely hard topics.
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This incredible...thanks.
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What a cool project!! I can't see that there are links except on some entries? But in any case a great list!
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The minimal links is by design:
A first stop for people who want to explore, or for French people who just can't think of any female cartoonists. There are over 300 names here.

There are many other resources; the intent here is to present a wide-ranging list on a single page, with some basic information. [...]
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Rose O'Neill was a revelation: Rose O'Neill
Thanks just for that alone. but also... The Desert Peach. Wow.
(and that's after a quick dip)
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This list is a good start.
Women I'd like to see on it:
  • Heather Antos (Gwenpool and others)
  • Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Dracula Motherf*cker)
  • Tana Ford (Silk, La Guardia)
  • Magnolia Porter Siddel (Monster Pulse)
  • Tess Fowler (Rat Queens)
  • Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties)
  • Rachael Stott (Fantastic Four)
  • Jen Bartel (Blackbird, Submerged)
  • Joyce Chin (Red Sonja)
  • Elizabeth Pich (War and Peas)
  • Karen Hallion (She series)
  • Ming Doyle (Anatomy of a Metahuman)
  • Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles)
And this is a short list of contemporary creators who have won acclaim.
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Thanks, plinth, I'll add those! (Erica Henderson was already there.)
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