"Warmth, Björk"
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Björk (wiki) has a podcast: "In the conversations on this podcast me and my friends try to capture which moods, timbres, and tempos were vibrating during each of my ten albums...I hope you enjoy it." -from the trailer to Sonic Symbolism.

Each episode is about an hour long and they include monologues from Björk, snippets of musical influences, and conversations between her and her friends writer Oddný Eir and musicologist Ásmundur Jónsson. From the New Yorker's blurb: "This is a rare chance to listen in as one of the most mysterious and mystical artists working today explains herself—but never so clearly as to totally unravel her own mythology."

Six episodes have been released so far, starting with Debut and the episode on Volta was posted this week. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
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This is my first FPP. Hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I have.
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I <3 Bjork.
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Great post msbrauer!
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Thank you very much. I hadn't heard of this until you posted it.
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Bjork's new music that I've seen posted on YouTube is weird as fuck.

I mean, I guess that's her wheelhouse, but wow.
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You get super double extra #FirstFPP points because BJORK

Well done!
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Bass clarinet
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Bjork's new music that I've seen posted on YouTube is weird as fuck.

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I just found this myself last week and it's such a beautiful insight into her music and her life. I'm up to Vespertine (which is one of my favorites of her albums). Just listening to her talk about what was going on for her when she was putting the albums together and how her approach to music and creation and collaboration changes over time has been wonderful. Definitely worth listening in order because of the connections across time.

I will say that Oddný Eir is a much better interviewer than Ásmundur Jónsson (he comes across like a dry musty know it all).
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I will probably really enjoy this podcast, and am glad to know about it.

But I especially came here to say that I would like to see “Björk Has a Podcast” on Shepard Fairey style stickers, plastered to walls everywhere.

I may need to ask a designer friend for a favor.
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I've only listened to the first one but it brought me incredible joy. It's striking to hear her discuss her work in a dialogue like this because I feel like even some gushing reviews of her music don't credit Björk as a thoughtful, careful artist and are content to just sort of gawk at something weird.
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