Kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk... Ding!
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Business booms for Melbourne's last typewriter repairman, Tom Koska

The 8 minute film embedded at the top of the article isn't required to understand the story, but I enjoyed it.
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Old techs keeping old technology alive are national treasures. Thanks for this post!

The death of the typewriter has been greatly exaggerated. See A Typewriter in 2022? The 5 Best Products for Distraction Free, Old School Writing, Averil Gleason, Knoji, December 8, 2021; and The Best Typewriter Brands - Top 18 Reviews & Rankings, October 2022.

When the great EMP from the sky hits, mechanical typewriters will be a valuable commodity.
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I very much enjoyed the film: many thanks for the post freethefeet!
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