Kim Jung Gi (1975-2022)
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The incomparable Korean artist Kim Jung Gi has passed away from a heart attack at age 47.
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Likely the most gifted artist of our generation. An absolutely towering talent; a devastating loss to us all.
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Terrible loss, incredible artist.
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I saw him drawing live at Thought Bubble in Leeds; I was aware of his work and thought that there was some gimmick, like projection or something. No, the guy just had an amazing visual intelligence and could render all these things by hand. No gimmicks, just skill. The fact that he died so young is tragic.
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When I was studying art, observing my classmates and discussing professionals, I learned to be really careful about who I called "gifted." Becoming a master of a craft is almost never a "gift" in the way the word implies. Some people have more of an aptitude than others for any number of reasons, but whoever you are, it's decades of focused work. Almost every quote I heard form Kim Jung Gi was encouraging young artists to work hard, to amass knowledge and understanding that you would then draw on in your art, to put in the practice with observation and theory.

But even knowing how hard he worked, and intent on respecting the effort he put into the foundations, it was impossible NOT to see him as gifted. I can't overstate for someone who hasn't practiced drawing how absolutely buck wild it is to watch his process. Finished, sophisticated illustrations, full of humor and depth and detail with sophisticated composition and creative perspective just sprang from the man's head with no apparent preliminary work. No blocking, sketching, or reference on hand. He evidently just saw the finished art in his head and produced it in complete detail on the first pass. Like it was the easiest, most natural thing in the world. Absolutely astonishing.

A towering talent, and a shocking loss. I hope he rests well.
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Such an Wizard of an illustrator, a real master.
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He was on his way to NYCC.

In the artists alley, his table is still there. Fans, guests and artists are turning it into a memorial.
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this video completely redid the way I think about perspective in a way that I'm still learning from: not as a system of lines you adhere to but something that's inherent in every line you draw. And the thing is it shows he' s not doing some kind of magic trick, it's craft & understanding & lifelong practice. In his lectures you feel like he' s saying this is something anyone can do if you want it badly enough.
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saw a live draw at the pixlatl festival in cuernavaca, mx in about 2018. amazeballs. he signed a book with a nice sketch for a friend, and was super friendly and patient. very lovely and open human.
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