Crisp Sandwich Day
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Crisp Sandwich Day on St Crispin's Day [via mefi projects] . Also Buttystock - related crisp sandwich photo project promoted by aniola three years ago.

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That he which hath no stomach for this lunch,
Let him depart ...
We would not dine in that man's company
That fears his fellowship to dine with us.

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Ruffled chips in a bologna and mustard sandwich are delicious. Also good for eating potato salad on.
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The ultimate Irish / Tayto crisp sambo

Not with two slices of bread it’s not.

You want to crush the crisps in the bag a bit first. Then butter one slice of soft white bread.
Then pour on the crisps.
Then fold in half.

The fold stops the crisps coming out the back when you pick it up.
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It's already been great seeing people posting their breakfast/lunch crisp sandwiches on Twitter, and food outlets in London, Dublin and Barnstaple are taking part with special offers.
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Not my favorite Kenneth Branagh production, but probably my favorite Kenneth Branagh performance on film… I’m a near pacifist, but this steels my heart for battle.
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I have soft white (gluten free bread). I have butter. I have plain ruffled crisps. But do I have the gall to attempt to consume this monument to blandness? I am afraid. Updates to follow.
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salt and vinegar crisps are the antidote to blandness, seanmpuckett.

damn, and I am far away from good s&v crisps and a Scottish plain/square* loaf today ...

*: not actually square
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Are salt and vinegar crisps required? I have all dressed but I feel that would contaminate the result with Canadianness.
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It's a sandwich. All flavours are acceptable.
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Put some sour cream & onion chips on my salami sandwich yesterday
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Listening to the Off Menu podcast, I’ve picked up from context that UK crisps are not exactly equivalent to US potato chips, or even US chips. For instance, Cheetos are UK crisps but not US chips.

UK Mefites: are crisps basically any crispy, savory, packaged carb snack? Where are the boundaries?
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There'll be tricky edge cases but yes, things like crispy savoury corn snacks are generally included in the term "crisps". The vague boundary will be somewhere near oddities such as Scampi Fries and Mini Cheddars.
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I don't want to be fundamentalist about this but crisps are made of potato, and anything else is an act of gross deviancy. Corn snacks are not crisps, they are a form of packaging material to protect fragile things in transit.
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Where are the boundaries?

OMG! This has the makings of the 'What is a sandwhich?' debate, amirite?
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Sandwich rule: The Cube Rule. Anything in a Type 2 or a Type 7 containment is sandwich-like enough.

My sandwich creation is two slices of bread, coat one with mayo and slices of ham. The other gets cheese. Then they both go in the toaster oven for a good toasting/melting. Meanwhile some green beans are warmed up in the microwave. Then the beans go on the ham, some freshly ground black pepper, then a good layer of plain potato chips with a good sprinkling of chili powder. Top slice goes on (cheese side down natch), a good squeeze and OM NOM NOM.
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I was actually thinking of ‘What is a crisp/chip?’

I’m not sure I have much of an opinion on this as I don’t partake much in this kind of snacking. I’d probably fall on the ‘potato’ side of the debate but it’s got to be slices of an actual potato. Not some abomination like a Pringle.

Hmm…I guess I did have an opinion.
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MetaFilter: Hmm…I guess I did have an opinion.
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Do they have Fritos in the UK? Because corn-based Fritos are a step above potato-based crisps. The curl also adds extra crunch factor.
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There might be Fritos in the UK, but they're not crisps and don't belong in a sandwich.
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Monster Munch and similar corn snacks are definitely crisps. Tortilla chips, pitta chips, mini poppadoms and prawn crackers are not crisps. Except Doritos, those are crisps.

Onion rings are borderline and so are Cheesy Balls. Twiglets, bread sticks and mini Cheddars are absolutely not crisps.

Many of these non crisp things are sold in the crisp aisle.

Only potato crisps belong in a crisp butty.
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I'd put things like Wotsits, Quavers, Frazzles, French Fries, and all those Cofresh spicy expanded foam products in the category 'crisps'. I'd include all extruded corn snacks, really. But if someone offered me a packet of crisps, I'd assume they were the sliced-potato kind. I could see Frazzles or pickled onion Monster Munch being OK in a sandwich though, maybe with some fish fingers.
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POMM (as Pickled Onion Monster Munch are known by foul-breathed cognoscenti) used to occasionally feature solid lumps of flavour powder. That would make for an alarming crisp sandwich.

Hula Hoops make great crisp sandwiches. Don't crush 'em, tho.

This maybe deep into heresy country and I might have to eat one hiding under a napkin, ortolan-style (cw: animal cruelty, do not search), but: Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks as a crisp sandwich. Sure, you'd have to carve off a single crunchy layer of noodly goodness, but it would be quite excellent.

(Mamee Monster Noodle Snacks are a tiny piece of marketing genius. Since kids [and me] were eating dry ramen noodle pucks, why not market them as a snack?)
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