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The mission of BigPumpkins.com is to provide an interactive web site to the giant pumpkin growing community! We would also like to promote the exciting sport/hobby of giant pumpkin and giant squash growing by helping new comers get started.
Want to see some World Records?!
Giant Pumpkin: 2702.9 Cutrupi Giant Squash: 2164 Skinner Watermelon: 350.5 Kent Master Gardener: Tobeck 2021
Field Pumpkin: 211 MacKinnon Tomato: 10.8 Sutherland Long Gourd: 173.75 Eaton Bushel Gourd: 470.5 Connolly
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I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie.
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Damn. Respect.
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This site lacks sincerity. Every day we stray further from the Great Pumpkin!
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Nice, but shouldn’t they have a section devoted to pumpkin regattas?
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2,350 Ibser in Michigan.
"Now the pumpkin, lovingly nicknamed Big Dawg, is on its way to a festival in Ohio to get officially weighed and hopefully squash the state record"
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I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the TikTok account bigpumpki since July, when a time-lapse video of his pumpkin, Bear Swipe, growing roughly 50 pounds every day (it would eventually top the scales at 2480 pounds) went mega-viral.

Every time he'd come across my FYP, I'd feel this odd swell of pride -- the kind of glow you get when the local sports team does particularly well. I can't wait to see how Bear Swipe's seeds will do next year.
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This list of giant vegetable records is wow.
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Giant pumpkins.
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A while back I was pitching stories on the pumpkin growers to a few publications; never got any takers, but in my research to find some of the New England pumpkin growers I came across The Dull Men's Club, which is worth poking around.

And apologies for the self-link, but here are some photos from this year's contest at the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts, where the winner was 2480 pounds.
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The Illinois State Championship was awarded once again to my fellow Wheatonite Joe Adkins. 1,760 pounds!
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My "mind" reflected that as zucchini / courgette turns into marrow, it goes from being a fine thing in itself to a fibrous vehicle for something tastier; I thus I connected gourd with vehicle and came to the Pumpkin Drop at the annual Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta, Maine . . . thence to Delaware for the 2011 World Championships of Punkin Chunkin WCPC trebuchet champs.
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That 10.8lb tomato was genuinely terrifying.
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I saw a large pumpkin in front of someone's house yesterday on my ride to work, it was easily 2-3 times the size of a normal pumpkin, which I now realize isn't all that big for people in the giant pumpkin growing community, but it was still pretty impressive to see.
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Giant pumpkins are always shown at the fair where I live. The edible pumpkin and the giant pumpkin are not the same fruit.
One thing that’s fun to watch is when zoo elephants are given giant pumpkins to eat and play with. Elephants find the giant pumpkins tasty. Humans don’t like them.
Another fun thing. I read that loooong ago, pumpkins were bitter. Mastodons and woolly mammoths liked to eat them, but preferred less bitter ones. The seeds passed through their digestive tracts whole and grew. In time pumpkins became tastier and bigger.
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