Fans ask "Where is Mike Townsend", never "How is Mike Townsend"
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Blaseball, the Absurdist Horror Fantasy Sport That Won a Cult Fanbase, Is Back After a Year-Long Siesta (IGN) Most critically, Blaseball remains at the mercy of its fans. The year-long siesta has enabled The Game Band to play out what Clark calls the “possibility space” much further in advance than before. The team is moving away from the grand, overarching storylines that characterized the first two eras in favor of more of a “monster of the week” format that allows fans to dip in and out without reading pages of wiki articles about what happened months ago. But the stories told week to week will remain in the hands of the sim and the fans.

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I am so excited. I am in a very tiny Discord with half a dozen friends purely for Blaseball, and our off-topic chat has held up just fine for an entire year but it. is. time. We are so in.
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Looking forward to finally finding out what this means.
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It was so much fun today, when people discovered the official Blaseball account tweeted a cryptic no text video of what looked to be a black hole*, and watching everyone go full Pepe Silvia about it. And then watching as The Game Band confirmed Blaseball was coming back. It's been a long 15 months, and I can't wait to get started!

* - The last era ended with the universe getting eaten by a black hole. A lot of the speculation that formed was about mass ejections from a black hole, and Hawkins Radiation. This also resulting in my favorite tweet from today. "Yeah I'm not going to be okay" is such a Blaseball mood.
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Mike Townsend knows what he's gotta do...

..and so do we!

(play must continue)
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This sounds like the opposite of Sleep Baseball (previously). Though I'd be up for listening to a fictional broadcast of one of these games.
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After reading tfa I'm glad they explained what this is finally & acknowledge that everything I've read about this has been completely incomprehensible. I want to laugh too! I will give it a try.
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I also kind of missed out on the initial run of this, but then enjoyed the deep absurdism when I managed to figure out a little bit, then promptly fell off completely. weirdly, though, the slow burn of something seeming like one thing but then becoming something bigger and more complex and darker is super fun and "Mike Townsend knows what he's got to do" just gave me chills because apparently I am a sucker for that sort of expert slow reveal.
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*will be back soon
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“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.”

This is just blaseball canon.
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... but Drax asks, "WHY is Mike Townsend."
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I want to laugh too! I will give it a try.

TBH I thought maybe you were a seasoned pro, and "Looking forward to finally finding out what this means," was part of the bit, a la good luck we're all counting on you.
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