KCRW presents Bent by Nature: The Archives (1982-1991)
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Bent by Nature, a podcast from LA's KCRW about the legendary DJ Deirdre O'Donoghue and her influential radio show SNAP, has made available live music archives from the show, with dozens of in-studio live music performances from the 80s and early 90s from the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, R.E.M., Tom Waits, and Robyn Hitchcock, as well as interviews. Don't know where to get started? Here's a guide. If you still can't decide what to listen to, you're in luck--there's a 24-hour streaming channel featuring a shuffling playlist of SNAP episodes restored from Deirdre's original board tapes.
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Not only are the Bent by Nature archives great, they're also a labor of love of Metafilter's own mykescipark.
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Aw. How lovely to see this shared here. Thanks!

All I will say, as a further addendum/reinforcement, is that BENT24 is by far my favorite part of this project. Deirdre's cassette archive of her original broadcasts is the greatest sonic playground I've ever been gifted. Imagine being able to turn on the radio to hear an entire generation of underground, off-center, and fiercely exploratory music in the context of its original release.

Example: I'm doing some post-production/cleanup on another episode right now from April Fools Day 1985. She opens with one of my favorite Holger Czukay tracks and concludes the first mini-set with the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra's cover of "Whole Lotta Love." She picks up again with a John Adams piece ("Grand Pianola Music III: On the Dominant Divide") and eventually drifts into "Slow Marimba" by Peter Gabriel. Also in the show: Echo and The Bunnymen with the Burundi Drummers; Tuxedomoon's Blaine L. Reininger; Alison Moyet's "All Cried Out"; a live tape by the new music ensemble Quartet Music (an early project of Nels Cline); South Africa's Abafana Baseqhudeni; and the Bill Laswell supergroup Mandingo (with Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso). Plus a whole lot more. This is all in one episode. And you have Deirdre as your guide, with a knowledge and humor and enthusiasm that ties it all together.

So, yes. If you enjoy having your mind casually blown all day long, check out BENT24 in your idle hours. I'm adding more shows to the rotation as fast as my fingers can process 'em. And thanks for listening!
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Thank you for this! Listening to a bangin' Glass Eye set and I can't wait to dig into more!
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Bent By Nature is also the name of Glass Eye’s peak album. It’s pretty phenomenal.
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Wow thank you for this project mykescipark! I absolutely loved the podcast. I had never heard of Deidre but listening to these songs and stories were extremely evocative of certain life-times in a very moving way. I just love Lost Notes, and this series in particular was so lovely - It was notable that this was not an attempt to 'unpack' Deidre as a person as most podcasts do, although there were hints at her motivations and preoccupations. Real people remain somewhat mysterious to us no matter how well we know them. That was much more true in the pre-internet days of SNAP. I loved how the podcast captured that. I'll check out the BENT24! Didn't know about that!
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Hasn’t heard of this, sounds amazing!
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Oh love the John Wesley Harding set from 1991.
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KCRW is awesome.
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Loved this podcast and am so glad I get to listen to some of the actual shows now!
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I've been a KCRW subscriber for 15+ years and I live nowhere near CA. They are keeping that college radio vibe alive for me. Thanks for the link the archives. Can't wait to listen.
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Now if I could just get the KITS/LIVE 105 archives from 1985-1997 my nostalgia trip will be complete.
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