Disney Channel's Theme: A History Mystery
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I hear this is unexpectedly moving, so I plan to watch it, even though I didn't watch Disney Channel growing up. I put off watching the Halyx documentary he did because I didn't think I'd care about some one-off stage show in a Disney park, but it's truly moving and I highly recommend it.
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I haven't had a chance to see this full video yet, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the entire Defunctland channel for being a great resource, and will happily recommend his video on Fastpass as a prime example of his talents.
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Countess Elena: “I hear this is unexpectedly moving, so I plan to watch it”
The third act moved me to the point that I came here to post it before the denouement was over.
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four note theme ... [92 min.]

Is this really how I want to start that week in which I was going to get so much accomplished?

unexpectedly moving
moved me to the point that I came here to post it before the denouement was over.

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I haven't the patience for long video essays, but does it mention or show Mike Jittlov's early promo/bumper with the Mickey Mouse satellite?

I remember being totally blown away by that as a kid.
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Calling this a video essay does it a disservice imo.
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Thanks for posting this. I would never have watched it, or probably even have heard of it, if it hadn't been posted here, but Kevin Perjurer's Disney Channel's Theme: A History Mystery was outstanding and unexpectedly emotional. I had other things planned and had no idea this was 90 minutes long when I started watching it, but I'm really glad I watched this instead.
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In fact, I'll come BACK to say if someone doesn't click this because they don't care about the Disney channel or youtube videos, then you probably should watch it to the end most of all. Especially if one is a creative type, it's very worthwhile.
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In a different way, this reminded me of the documentary about Suzanne Ciani, A Life in Waves, and how much music/sound work she did for commercials (she founded a company just to do that!) and how those sounds/music/etc. just become a part of our everyday lives and we don't really think much about them or the people who make them.

I do 100% think of what Kevin Perjurer does as making documentaries. Sometimes they're short, sometimes they're longer, like this one, but they're still documentaries to me. I have definitely recommended the Hylax one to ... everyone, basically (and I even bought a T-shirt) and I have also sent the link to the FastPass one to several people ("you may not think you want to watch a documentary about line logistics, but you absolutely do"). This one is much more specific and maybe takes a while to get going but what an awesome journey.
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This and the recent H Bomberman video about the Roblox Oof sound - which is also in its way about artists Legacies - has definately put me in a meditative headspace.
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The Halyx one is truly amazing. There were bits that I might have cut from this one, but it certainly doesn't feel like ninety minutes. Halyx is fantastic, haunting and something I can easily rewatch. This one is good, thought provoking and touching. They clearly have a same level of passion behind them.
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I enjoyed that waaaay more than I thought possible. Thank you for sharing it!

Other favorite TV theme things:

The Spinning HBO Logo, which had a whole "making of" documentary of its own. It's amazing! Seriously: watch it.

The CBS Special Presentation theme, which was the most exciting 5 seconds of sound and graphics imaginable to a 10 year old in about 1980. I had an ear for that rivalling my dog's ability to hear the slightest disturbance of her leash and harness.

The classic National Geographic Intro, which is freaking MAJESTIC and promised a magical experience so perfectly.

One fantastic element common to all these: perfect music. The top comment on the NG video: "You know when this theme plays you're going on an adventure."
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Not sure if it’s drama or oversight, but “G Owen” on that slate was fairly easy to find on the Directors Guild website.

All in all, a fantastic watch.
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I came here to post about this too, specifically about the moving third act. So beautifully done.
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