Michael Sheen wants to know where you buy your socks
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Michael Sheen wants to know where you buy your socks. Michael Sheen explains what a social enterprise is. Social enterprises are real businesses but at least 50% of their profits are reinvested to benefit the community.
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I’ve started doing some of my Christmas shopping from social enterprises over the past few years; if I can’t think of a present which is perfect at least I feel I’m doing some good. I’m slightly running out of enterprises to buy from if I don’t want to repeat myself too much, mind you.

At the very least, every year a couple of people in my family get chocolates from Harry Specters, who provide training and employment for autistic people (and make absolutely top-notch chocolates).

Here’s the Social Enterprise UK Christmas Gift Guide 2022.
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Love to see this!

This sounds similar to --but apparently is not the same as -- the "B corporation" movement.

I have a couple of kids in college, and explaining to them that some companies are organized for profitability, but not "for profit" in the old way, kind of amazed them.
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Or, and this is a crazy thought, pay your labor a fair rate until you don’t have profits.
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Community Clothing is another one. I recommend the socks.
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The Guardian's gift guide has some suggestions from social enterprises.
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