“Paper or plastic?” … “MOUTH”
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Natural Habitat Shorts is an animated web series featuring anthropomorphized animals going about their daily lives. Created by Brennan Brinkley, Nicole Low, and Tyler Kula, the shorts imagine animals participating in mundane activities - shopping, working, commuting - with humorous results. The videos, each of which are less than a minute long, gained popularity on TikTok last year. New shorts are posted every few weeks.
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These are charming...
As Fortold
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These are delightful and the first chipmunk one had me laughing properly for the first time in days. But by the latest installment of the MOUTH saga I was more just staring with wide eyes. A lot of these are hilarious in ways that would be terrifying if they were just an ounce more realistic. It’s a tricky balance.
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Wow... these are remarkably good. Thank you for sharing!
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This one is my absolute favorite. "Seize him." (Neither capslock nor exclamation point.)
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Oh my god these are great! Thank you for posting them—I just spent a pleasant 20 minutes watching all of them. I think the subway hand-holding otter was the cutest. Poor Lisa, she really is a beleaguered hedgehog.

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I just saw the possum one last night and wondered where it was from! Yay!
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these are fantastic! I wish there were ways to watch groups by species or holiday.
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I love these! Poor Lisa.

The one about rat GPS is totally how rats would be if they could talk.
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These are so weird and I love them.
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Poor Lisa indeed!
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OMG the seagull "seize him" episode.
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I am SO GLAD this post was in the sidebar, because I would have missed it otherwise!!

MOUTH. of course is living rent-free in my head, but also "Airport".
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"Please take your receipt."

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